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AaditriGoddess Laxmi3.5Add
AaghnyaBorn from fire, Goddess Lakshmi3.0Add
AarnaGoddess Laxmi2.5Add
AarupaMoon faced or Goddess Lakshmi3.0Add
AashritaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
AditriHighest honor, Goddess Lakshmi3.5Add
AditriiHighest honor or Goddess Lakshmi3.5Add
AganayaGoddess Lakshmi4.0Add
AganyaBorn from fire, Goddess Lakshmi3.0Add
AghanyaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
AishiniGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
AmbujaBorn of a lotus, Goddess Lakshmi3.0Add
AnushreeGoddess Laxmi, Pretty3.5Add
AnushriGoddess Laxmi, Pretty3.5Add
AnusreeGoddess Laxmi, Pretty3.5Add
AnusriGoddess Laxmi, Pretty3.5Add
ArnaGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
BhagyaGoddess Lakshmi2.5Add
BhagyashreeGoddess Lakshmi, Lucky4.0Add
BhagyashriGoddess Lakshmi, Lucky4.0Add
BhanusriRays of Laxmidevi4.0Add
BhaskariThe Sun3.5Add
BilvanilayaReside under Bilva tree5.5Add
ChakriaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
ChakrikaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
ChancyGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
ChandasriMoon or cool like the Moon or Goddess Lakshmi4.0Add
Chandra VadanaThe Moon9.5Add
ChandrarupaGoddess Laxmi5.0Add
ChandrasahodariSister of the Moon7.0Add
DeepaA lamp2.0Add
DeetaA Name of Goddess Lakshmi2.0Add
DeethyaAnswer of prayers or Goddess Lakshmi2.5Add
DeetyaAnswer of prayers2.5Add
DevagnyaGoddess Lakshmi4.0Add
DevashreeGoddess Lakshmi, Divine beauty3.5Add
DevasreeGoddess Lakshmi, Divine beauty3.5Add
DevasriGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
DevshreeGoddess Laxmi3.5Add
DhanashreeGoddess of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, Also the Name of a Raaga in Hindustani classical music3.5Add
DheepthaGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
DiptaGoddess Lakshmi2.5Add
DityaaAnswer of prayers or Goddess Lakshmi2.5Add
DutiIdea, Goddess Lakshmi2.0Add
Gaja LakshmiLakshmi as graceful as An elephant4.5Add
GnaneshwariIntelligent or Name of Lord Lakshmi4.5Add
GominiGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
GrahatiGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
Grha LakshmiLakshmi of the house5.0Add
GrihithaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
HansujaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
Hari PriyaConsort of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi4.5Add
HarineeDeer, Goddess Lakshmi3.0Add
HaripriyaGoddess Lakshmi4.5Add
HasriGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
HavisaGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
HavishaGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
Hema MaliniGolden, Beautiful5.0Add
HemavathiGoddess Lakshmi, Possessing gold4.0Add
HemavathyGoddess Lakshmi, Possessing gold4.5Add
HiranyaprakaiAmidst gold7.0Add
HymavathyGoddess Laxmi9.0Add
IndiraGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
IndusseetalaCool like the Moon6.5Add
IpshitaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
IshtaaName of Goddess Lakshmi and a Name given to karmic Yoga2.5Add
JaganmayeeGoddess Lakshmi5.0Add
JaladhijaGoddess Lakshmi4.0Add
JigiGoddess Laxmi2.0Add
KaarunyaCompassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Merciful, Compassionate, Praiseworthy3.5Add
KalakarniLakshmi, With black ears5.0Add
KamakshiGoddess Lakshmi or Parvati, One with loving eyes3.0Add
Kamala SambhavaLotus or Goddess Laxmi8.0Add
KamalikaGoddess Lakshmi4.0Add
KarunaCompassion, Mercy3.0Add
KasniGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
KavishriGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
KavisriGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
KethanaName of Goddess Lakshmi3.0Add
KshirajaGoddess Lakshmi3.5Add
KshirjaGoddess Lakshmi3.0Add
KshirsaGoddess Laxmi3.0Add
LakhiGoddess Laxmi2.0Add
LakshmiGoddess of wealth2.5Add
LakshmikaLakshmi Devi3.5Add
LaksmiGoddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate or wife of Lord Vishnu2.5Add
Laxmi PriyaOne who is liked by Goddess Laxmi, Vishnu, Mutyam etc5.0Add
LaxmithaGoddess Lakshmi, Prosperous life3.5Add
LohithaGoddess Lakshmi in the form of iron3.0Add
LokajananiLakshmi, Mother of the world5.0Add
LokamatriLakshmi, Mother of the world4.5Add

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