Names of Lord Krishna

258 Indian Baby Boy Names Found For Lord Krishna

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AarshabhIt's An another Name of Shri Krishna3.5Add
AbhijeetLord Krishna4.0Add
AkrishYoung Krishna3.5Add
AnadhiLord Krishna's Name meaning who does not have any end3.0Add
AnharLord Krishna4.0Add
AprameyaA Name of Lord Krishna4.5Add
ArijitConquering enemies, Son of Krishna and Subhadra4.0Add
AvirupLord Shiva4.0Add
AvyuktCrystal clear or Lord Krishna4.0Add
AvyukthCrystal clear or Lord Krishna or clear mind4.0Add
Bal GopalBaby Krishna5.0Add
Bal KrishanYoung Krishna5.5Add
Bal KrishnaYoung Krishna5.5Add
Bal MukundName of Lord Krishna5.5Add
Bala GopalInfant Krishna5.0Add
Bala GovindBaby Krishna5.0Add
Bala MuraliYoung Krishna with flute5.0Add
BalgopalBaby Krishna5.0Add
BalgovindLord Krishna4.5Add
BanbihariLord Krishna5.0Add
BankeLord Krishna2.0Add
Banke BihariName of Lord Krishna5.0Add
BankebihariLord Krishna5.0Add
BanshidharLord Krishna4.0Add
BansilalLord Krishna, The first Lord, Lord Vishnu4.0Add
BanwariLord Krishna4.0Add
Bishwa MohanLord Shri Krishna6.5Add
BrajPlace of Lord Krishna2.5Add
BrajamohanName of Lord Krishna5.5Add
BrijLord Krishna2.5Add
Brij KishorLord Krishna5.5Add
Brij MohanLord Krishna5.5Add
BrijendraLord of Brij, Krishna4.5Add
BrijeshGod of the land of Brij3.5Add
BrijnandanLord Krishna5.5Add
DamodarA Name of Lord Krishna4.0Add
DarshLord Krishna2.5Add
Devki NnandanSon of Devki, (Lord Krishna)6.0Add
DhamodharRope tied around Krishna4.0Add
DhrupadLord Krishna3.5Add
GadinLord Krishna3.0Add
GauramohanGora fair Mohan (Krishna)5.0Add
GhanashyamLord Krishna4.5Add
GhansyamLord Krishna or black cloud4.5Add
GirdhariLord Krishna4.0Add
GiridharOne who holds mountain (Krishna)4.0Add
GirivarLord Krishna4.0Add
GogulaLord Krishna3.0Add
GopalKrishna, Cowherd3.0Add
Gopala KrishnanLord Krishna6.5Add
GopeshLord Krishna3.0Add
GopinathanGod of Gopi girls, Another Name of Lord Krishna5.0Add
GovindCowherd, Lord Krishna3.0Add
GovindaLord Krishna3.0Add
GrahilLord Krishna3.5Add
GulzarilalName of Lord Krishna6.0Add
Hare KrishnaLord Krishna4.5Add
Hari KrishnaAnother Name Lord Krishna4.5Add
HarigopalLord Krishna5.0Add
HarikeshLord Krishna4.0Add
IshnaLord Krishna3.0Add
IyengarLord Krishna5.0Add
JagadbanduLord Krishna5.0Add
JanardhanLord Krishna4.5Add
JanardhanaLord Krishna4.5Add
JashpalLord Krishna4.0Add
JaspalLord Krishna4.0Add
JayasankarLord Krishna5.0Add
JaykishanLord Krishna5.0Add
JograjLord Krishna4.0Add
Jugal KishorLord Krishna6.0Add
JyotiradityaLord Krishna6.0Add
KahaanLord Krishna3.0Add
KanaAn atom, Lord Krishna2.0Add
KanahiyaLord Krishna4.0Add
KanaiyaLord Krishna3.0Add
KananA garden, Forest, Lord Krishna3.0Add
KanayahaLord Krishna4.0Add
KanhaLord Krishna2.5Add
KanhaiyaLord Krishna3.5Add
KanhaiyalalLord Krishna5.5Add
KanhuOne of the childhood Name of Lord Krishna2.5Add
KanjiAnother Name of Lord Krishna3.0Add
KannanThe Lord Krishna's Name3.5Add
KanuLord Krishna2.0Add
KanwalkishoreLotus, Lord Krishna6.0Add
KesavName of Lord Krishna3.0Add
KesuLord Krishna2.0Add
KinshuAnother Name of Shri Krishna2.0Add
KisanLord Krishna3.0Add
KishanLord Krishna3.0Add
KishinKishin refers to a Hindu God Lord Krishna3.0Add
KishnaLord Krishna2.5Add
KishoreLord Krishna3.0Add
KisnaLord Krishna3.0Add
KridayLord Krishna3.5Add

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