Utharashada Nakshatra Names For Boy

51 Boy Names For Utharashada Nakshatra Found
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BheemaHuge and gigantic; The mighty one 7Boy
BhorishWise 7Boy
BhoumikLord of the Earth; Land owner; Attached to the Earth 7Boy
JagadayuLifespring of the universe 7Boy
JagadhidhLord of the world 7Boy
JagamohanOne who attracts everything in the world to him 7Boy
JaganthLord of the universe 7Boy
JagatguruPreceptor of the world 7Boy
JaglalSon of world 7Boy
Jai DarshVictory 7Boy
JaideeshSuggest meaning 7Boy
JaidenA variant of Jaydev (Lord of triumph 7Boy
JainGood character 7Boy
JainishLord of Jain 7Boy
JairamVictory of Lord Rama 7Boy
JaisalFamous folk 7Boy
JaisukhJoy of winning 7Boy
JaitikaVictory 7Boy
JaivardhanLord Shiva; Jai - victory; Conquest; Thriving; Bestowing prosperity; Name of the son of Krishna and Mitravindaa; Name of Vishnu 7Boy
JaiveerVictorious 7Boy
JalajLotus; Originating in the water; The Moon; Conch shell 7Boy
JalasWater like joy; Soothing; Life giving 7Boy
JanakidasServant of Janki 7Boy
JanishLord of men leader; Master of men 7Boy
JanmeshThe king of his Kundli 7Boy
JanyuhSkilled in war 7Boy
JapteshSuggest meaning 7Boy
JasalBhakt (Devotee) 7Boy
JaskiritPraises of the Lord 7Boy
JasvirGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality 7Boy
JaswantWorthy of praise; Victorious 7Boy
JatakSon; Stories of Buddha's previous incarnations 7Boy
JayagopalVictorious Lord Krishna 7Boy
JayaketanSymbol of victory 7Boy
JayanandThe joy of success; Happy in his victory 7Boy
Jayanthvictorious.aspx'>Victorious; Star; Eventual victor; Triumphant; The Moon; Another name for Mahavishnu and Shiva 7Boy
JihaanVariant of Jehan: The world.; Of the World 7Boy
JijeshWho will win whatever he desires and decides his own future 7Boy
JimitTo win others hearts 7Boy
JinaTo live; Lord Vishnu 7Boy
JinenLord of victory 7Boy
JinshithSuggest meaning 7Boy
JishnaIs associated with Lord Vishnu; Lord Ganesh 7Unisex
JitakrodhaConqueror of anger 7Boy
JitalWinner 7Unisex
JitendriyaThe controller of the senses 7Boy
JitheshGod of victory; Winner 7Boy
JithinUndefeatable 7Boy
JivajFull of life; Born; Living 7Boy
JivrajLord of life 7Boy
Jai RamVictorious Rama 7Boy
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