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Ashlesha Nakshatra Names For Girl

70 Girl Names For Ashlesha Nakshatra Found
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DayaKindness; Goddess; Mercy; Favour; Compassion 4Girl
DayaaKindness; Goddess; Mercy; Favour; Compassion 5Girl
DayamaniKindness 5Girl
DayamayeeKind; Merciful 8Girl
DayamayiKind; Merciful 7Girl
DayanishkaSuggest meaning 3Girl
DayanitaTender 3Girl
DayashreeMasterful teacher 5Girl
DayawantiGoddess of kindness 8Girl
DayitaBeloved 6Girl
DeebaSilk; Eye of a mistress 8Girl
DeebasriSilk 9Girl
DeedipyaBright 6Girl
DeeherDee means Goddess Durga's, her means Shiv, Strength of Lord Shiva 9Girl
DeekshaInitiation; Sacrifice; Preparation for ceremony 8Girl
DeekshanaInitiation 5Girl
DeekshanyaSuggest meaning 3Girl
DeekshiInitiation; Consecration 7Girl
DeekshikaTalkative 1Girl
DeekshitaInitiation; Prepared 1Girl
DeekshithaInitiation; Prepared 9Girl
DeekshyaInitiation 6Girl
DeempalA small indication that forms on the cheeks, when someone smiles 11Girl
DeenaDivine; Grand; Vindicated 2Girl
DeenalSweet girl; 5Girl
DeepaA lamp; Brilliant; That which blazes 22Girl
DeepabaliRow of lamps 1Girl
DeepakalaEvening time 11Girl
DeepakshiBright eyes like a lamp; One with bright eyes 6Girl
DeepalLight; Charm full girl 7Unisex
DeepaliCollection of lamps; Row of lamps 7Girl
DeepamalaRow of lamps 4Girl
DeepanaIlluminating 1Girl
DeepanshaThe light of the lamp 1Girl
DeepanwitaLights of diwali 8Girl
DeepaprabhaFully lighted 5Girl
DeeparuModesty 7Girl
DeepashikhaFlame; Lamp 6Girl
DeepashikiFlame 6Girl
DeepashriLight; Lamp 4Girl
DeepavaliA row of lamps; The hindu festival 3Girl
DeepavatiA Raagini which is a hybrid of Deepak 11Girl
DeephihaLight 11Girl
DeepikaA small lamp; Light 6Girl
DeepithaIlluminated 5Girl
DeepjyothiThe light of the lamp 9Girl
DeepjyotiThe light of the lamp 1Girl
DeepkalaEvening time 1Girl
DeepmalaRow of lamps 3Girl
DeepnaGoddess Laxmi 9Girl
DeepshikaFlame; Lamp 6Girl
DeepshikhaFlame; Lamp 5Girl
DeeptaGoddess Lakshmi; Name of several plants with bright red flowers; Shining 6Girl
DeepthaShining; Goddess Lakshmi 5Girl
DeepthiFlame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness; Brilliance; Beauty 4Girl
DeepthikaA beam of light 7Girl
DeepthikshaA beam of light 7Girl
DeeptiFlame or luster or glow or shine; Brightness; Brilliance; Beauty 5Girl
DeeptikaA beam of light 8Girl
DeeptikanaBeam of light 5Girl
DeeptimoyeeLustrous 5Girl
DeepuFlame; Light; Shinning 6Unisex
DeeshaDirection 6Girl
DeeshitaFocused; Once who knows the direction 8Girl
DeeshnaOffering; Gift 11Girl
DeetaA name of Goddess Lakshmi, Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi 8Girl
DeethyaAnswer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 5Girl
DeetyaAnswer of prayers; Another name for Lakshmi 6Girl
DeevenaBlessing; Eye of God; Resembling a Goddess; Blessing 11Girl
DeevithaDivine power 11Girl
Showing 1 - 70 of 70