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AranmakanLord Murugan, Son of Aran (Shiva) 11Boy
ArumuganLord Murugan, Six-faced 6Boy
ArumugathamudhuLord Murugan; Arumugam - six-faced, Amudhu - food 7Boy
ArumukhanLord Murugan, Six-faced 9Boy
AzhaganLord Murugan; One who is handsome 4Boy
BahuleyanLord Murugan; Bahu - a lot; Abundant 8Boy
BalamuruganYoung Lord Murugan; Lord Murugan's childhood 3Boy
ChettyMind 9Boy
ChevatkodiyonLord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag 8Boy
DandapaniAn epithet for Yama 1Boy
DandayudhapaniLord Murugan; One who bears the dandayudham (spear) 6Boy
DevasenapatiLord Murugan; Consort of Devasena; The army chief of heavenly Gods, Lord Murugan 9Boy
DeyvayanakantanLord Murugan, Consort of Devayani 6Boy
DuraimuruganLord Murugan, Murugan; The king; Head 4Boy
GanapatizhankilaiLord Murugan; After Ganapati (younger brother of Ganesh) 7Boy
GangamaindanLord Murugan, Son of Ganga 5Boy
GangasiruvanLord Murugan; Ganga's boy Siruvan - boy 8Boy
GangeyanLord Murugan; Son of Ganga, Bheeshm; Also a metronymic of Skand; Nutgrass 11Boy
GaurnandananLord Murugan, Son of Gauri 11Boy
GuhanName of Lord Murugan 6Boy
GuhayaName of Lord Murugan 9Boy
GuruTeacher; Master; Priest 22Boy
IlamuruguYoung Lord Murugan 6Boy
Arumin KadalanLord Murugan 3Boy
KadambanLord Murugan; Muruga came to Tamilnadu with Kadamba rulers, Muruga wields the Kadamba stalk in his hands 2Boy
KandanCloud; God 9Boy
KartikeyanLord Murugan, Who has been brought up by Krittika 7Boy
Katir KamattuicanLord Murugan, The one who resides in Katir Kaman abode of Lord Murugan 11Boy
KatireshanLord Murugan; The Lord of Katir 7Boy
KothandapaniLord Murugan, The one who wields the bow 6Boy
KozhikkodiyonLord Murugan, The one who has a rooster in his battle flag 11Boy
KulandavelayudhanLord Murugan, The child who bears the Vel as a weapon 6Boy
KumaranLord muraga 7Boy
KumarappanLord Murugan; Kumara - youth; Appan - father 4Boy
KumaraswamiLord Murugan; Bachelor God 4Boy
KumaresanLord Murugan; Lord of youths; Name of Skand 4Boy
KundrakkudiyonLord Murugan; One who resides on hills 8Boy
KundrenindhonLord Murugan 7Boy
KurinjvendanLord Murugan, Consort of Kurinji (Velli) 8Boy
KuzhaganLord Murugan 8Boy
KuzhandaiLord Murugan; Child 5Boy
Malaimakal MakanLord Murugan; The son of the daughter of mountain Himavan 6Boy
ManggaurdiLord Murugan 5Boy
ManoharanLord Murugan; Pleasing to mind; Name of a Raaga; Heart ravishing; Captivating; Attractive; Charming; A kind of Jasmine; Name of Krishna or Vishnu 4Boy
Mal MaruganLord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew 11Boy
Mayon MaruganLord Murugan, Vishnu's nephew 8Boy
MurukanLord Murugan; God of war 9Boy
MuttaiLord Murugan 9Boy
Muttu KumaraswamiLord Murugan; Muttu - Pearl, Kumara Swami - bachelor God 9Boy
Muttuk KumaranLord Murugan; The boy who is precious like a Pearl muttu - Pearl, Kumaran - boy 5Boy
PalaniappanAnother name of Lord Murugan 11Boy
PalanisamiAnother name of Lord Murugan 5Boy
PalanivelAnother name of Lord Murugan 11Boy
Gnana PanditanLord Murugan; A great scholar 8Boy
PavakiName of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 6Unisex
PazhanandavarLord Murugan; The God who resides in Pazhani 1Boy
PazhanappanLord Murugan; The one who resides in Pazhani 6Boy
SaktidharayaLord Murugan, The one who bears the Shakti (Vel - Shakti) 1Boy
Saravana BhavanLord Murugan; A pond surrounded by reeds that refers to the place of birth of Murugan 8Boy
SaravananThe clump of reeds; Lord Murugan 1Boy
SarvanavelAnother name of Lord Murugan 7Boy
Senaik KapponLord Murugan, The one who protects the army 6Boy
SenapatiLord Murugan; The leader of an army; Commander; Name of Kartekeya; Name of Shiva 4Boy
SendanLord Murugan 3Boy
SendhilLord Murugan, The red one, The formidable one 8Boy
SendhilnathanLord Murugan, The red Lord, The formidable Lord 3Boy
SevarkodiyonLord Murugan; One with a rooster in his battle flag 5Boy
SevvelLord Murugan; The Vel which is used to save 22Boy
SeyonLord Murugan 6Boy
Shanmukha NathanLord Murugan, The six-faced Lord 1Boy
ShanmukhanShanmuka means Lord of Subramaniam; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Karthikeya, Lord Murugan 11Boy
ShikivahanarLord Murugan; One who has a peacock as his vehicle 4Boy
ShivakumaranLord Murugan, Son of Shiva 3Boy
ShringaravelanLord Murugan; Beautiful Velan; The one who dresses up 5Boy
SiddhanLord Murugan; Accomplished; Perfected; Fulfilled; Gained; Successful; Valid; Emancipated; Endowed with supernatural powers or faculties; Sacred; Holy; Divine; Eminent; Shining; An epithet of Vishnu and Shiva 5Boy
SilambanLord Murugan 8Boy
SingaravelanLord Murugan; Beautiful Velan; The one who dresses up 6Boy
SubrahmaniyanLord Murugan; Worthy Jewel 11Boy
SubramaniLord Murugan; Worthy Jewel 8Boy
Bala SubramanianLord Murugan, The child who is a worthy Jewel 3Boy
Sundara ShanmukhanLord Murugan; Beautiful six-faced God 8Boy
Shanmukha SundaramLord Murugan, Six-faced beauty 7Boy
SundaravelLord Murugan; Beautiful Murugan 9Boy
Sur PakaivanLord Murugan; Enemy of Shur 7Boy
SuresanLord Murugan; Lord of Gods; Another name for Indra; Shiva & Vishnu 7Boy
SwamiMaster 2Boy
SwaminathanThe Lord Almighty; Lord Murugan 6Boy
SwamyMaster 9Boy
Sangat TalaivanLord Murugan; Leader of an army (Devasenapati) 7Boy
ThakappanswamiLord Murugan; Lord of Shiva (Murugan taught Shiva the meaning of Om, Thakappan - Shiva + Swami - Lord) 9Boy
Sur ThandinthonLord Murugan, The one who punished Shuran 5Boy
ThangavelLord Murugan, God 9Boy
ThanikachalamLord Murugan, The one who stays in Thanika 3Boy
Tharakar SerronLord Murugan, The God who killed the demon Taraka 5Boy
Senthil VadivelanLord Murugan; Always youth 6Boy
Shanmukha VadivelanLord Murugan, Six-faced Vadivel 6Boy
Sundara VadivelanLord Murugan; Beautiful Vadivel 6Boy
VadivelanLord Murugan; Called so because his spear is called Vadivel 9Boy
Mayil VahananLord Murugan, The one who has a peacock as his vehicle 4Boy
VallkantanLord Murugan, Husband of Velli 9Boy
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