Indian Baby Boy And Baby Girl Names

Indian Boy and Girl Names

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India is a culturally rich land and many religions are there. All religions has their own rich set of names.

This is a complete collection of all Indian Baby Names, i.e. traditional, modern, short and sweet and easy to pronounce names.

All baby names can be viewed alphabetically with their meanings and can be further filtered with various options.

Following is a list of top 20 Indian Baby Boy And Baby Girl Names

Name Gender Meaning
Aarav Boy Peaceful; Sound; Shout (Celebrity Parents Name: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna)
Ahaan Boy Dawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself
Ahana Girl Inner light; Immortal; Born during the day; The first rise of the Sun
Aksh Boy Divider
Amishi Girl Pure
Anaya Boy Without a superior; God has shown favour
Anika Girl Goddess Durga; The brilliance of the stone
Anvi Girl One of the devis names, Name of a Goddess
Arin Boy Full of joy; Mountain strength; Ireland; Peace; Sunray (Celebrity Name: Madhuri Dixit)
Avi Boy The Sun and air
Brinda Girl Tulsi (Basil) or Goddess Radha; Popular; Accompanied by many; The holy Tulsi plant
Darshil Boy Something that looks good and sober; Perfection
Dia Boy Divine
Diyan Boy Bright light
Ehan Boy Expected
Esha Girl Desire; Attractive
Ritvi Girl Right guidance; Happy; Scholar; Lady Indian priest who fullfill particularly completing the Vedic haven
Shubham Boy Good; Auspicious
Stuti Girl Praise to God; Another name for Durga
Vaidik Boy Related to Veda