Most Popular Indian Muslim Boy Names Of 2017

100 Top 100 Boy Names - 2017
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AabidWorshipper of God 8Boy
AbirFragrance; Strong; Auspicious red powder traditionally applied during the festival of Holi 3Boy
AbyazWhite; Pure 1Boy
AdyanName of a prophet; A nabee 9Boy
AneesA close friend; Good company; Smart one; Companion; Supreme 8Boy
ArhaanRuler; Tirthankara; Worship; Homage; Respect; Revered 7Boy
AshrafHonourable; Noble; Without grief 8Boy
AsimLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector; Infinite 6Boy
AyaanSomeone who is religiously inclined; Gift of God 6Boy
BashirVision; Propitious; Auspicious; Prudent; Bringer of glad tidings 3Boy
BasimSmiling; Happy 8Boy
DanishTo be smart; Full of knowledge and wisdom; Merciful; Intelligence; Consciousness 1Boy
DaniyalIntelligent 3Boy
DiyanBright light 8Boy
EhanExpected 1Boy
EilshanRuler 5Boy
EjazMiracle; Wondrous nature 6Boy
EmadConfidence 5Boy
FahimIntelligent; Beautiful 1Boy
FaraanHappy; Advances 5Boy
FardeenRadiant 8Boy
FarhadHappiness 11Boy
FarhanGlad; Joyful; Happy 3Boy
FateenCaptivating; Clever; Smart; Fascinating 6Boy
FayzanFavorite; Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; Benefit 1Boy
HaidarLion; Title of Ali 5Boy
HaleefAlly; Confederate 1Boy
HaleemMild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up 8Boy
HamzahLion; Name of the uncle of the prophet 3Boy
HazimFirm; Resolute; Energetic 3Boy
IbrahimAbraham; Earth; A prophet name 6Boy
IhamExpected; Thin; Desire 22Boy
IliasA prophet's name; 5Boy
ImanFaith; Belief; Faith in Allah 1Boy
IrfanKnowledgeable; Thankfulness 3Boy
IsaamProtector; Safeguard 7Boy
IzaanObedience 6Boy
IzharSubmission 8Boy
JahaanThe world 8Boy
JahidAbstemious; Ascetic; Saintly; Diligent; Hardworking 5Boy
JazelRight attitude; Good manners; Tremendous 9Boy
JidanAbundance 2Boy
JuyalQuarrdsome 6Boy
KabirIndian saint in 1440; A great, famous Sufi saint; Noble 5Boy
KiyanKings; Royal 6Boy
LayzalAnother name of God; Immortal; Undying 5Boy
MaahirExpert; Brave 5Boy
MazharImage 4Boy
MazidIncrease; Excess; More 8Boy
MehranAn old name of a river Sindh 5Boy
MiranPrincely; Princes 1Boy
MoinFountain; Spring 6Boy
NabihNoble; Famous; Eminent; Outstanding 11Boy
NadimFriendly; Entertaining; Friend or companion 5Boy
NaeemComfort; Tranquility; Ease 2Boy
NafeesPureness; Pure; Precious 5Boy
NasirHelper of God; One who helps; Assister; Friend; One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer; Protector; Supporter 7Boy
NizalStriving; Contest 8Boy
NumairPanther 4Boy
OmidHope 5Boy
OzhanThrower 1Boy
QadimAncient 8Boy
QadirAble; Powerful 4Boy
RaahilOne who shows the way; Traveler; Path guider 4Boy
RaheemMerciful 5Boy
RayyanSatisfaction; Contented 3Boy
RazanSensibility and respect; Calm 6Unisex
RehanFragrant one; Sweet scented; King; Star 1Boy
RihaanGod's have chosen one; Lord Vishnu; Destroyer of enemies 6Boy
RiyadhGardens 11Boy
RiyazPractice or garden 7Boy
RizwanAcceptance; Goodwill 1Boy
SadidRelevant; Pertinent; Correct; Right 1Boy
SadinIndependent; Fawn; Young deer 2Boy
SajidProtractor; One who worships God 7Boy
SamimFragrance; Fragrant; Sincere; Genuine; Pure; True 1Boy
ShoaibWho shows the right path; Shoaib was a prophet of Islam 9Boy
SofianDevoted 1Boy
SuhaanVery good; Pleasant; Beautiful 1Boy
TaahidTo console; To guard 7Boy
TaahirPure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy 3Boy
TurhanOf mercy 1Boy
UmairSecond Khalifah; Intelligent 8Boy
UwaisA companion of the prophet (Saw) 1Boy
UzairPrecious; Name of a prophet 3Boy
VasimGraceful; Good looking 1Boy
WafeeqSuccessful 3Boy
WahibLiberal donor 7Boy
WajidFinder; Lover; Loving 2Boy
YaaminBlessed; Auspicious; Oath; Right hand; Right wing; Right side; Restrained 9Boy
YasirWealthy; Lives forever 9Boy
YazeedTo increase; Enhance; Grow 3Boy
ZaahidAbstemious; Ascetic; Saintly; Diligent; Hardworking 4Boy
ZaahirBright; Shining; Sparkling; Luminous; Visible; Distinct 9Boy
ZakirRememberer of Allah; Intelligent 11Boy
ZamirA character of a person; Heart; Mind; Conscience 4Boy
ZayanBright and graceful; Wild Jasmine; Honey 22Boy
ZishanA person who stay with style; Peaceful 5Boy
ZohaibOcean of knowledge 7Boy
ZuhairBlooming; Shining; Clear 11Boy
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