Most Popular Indian Hindu Boy Names Of 2020

97 Top 100 Boy Names - 2020
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AadiAdornment; Beginning; Perfect; Most significant; Ornament; Unequalled; First 6Boy
AalayHome; Refuge 4Boy
AaranayBeginning; Starter 7Boy
AaravPeaceful; Sound; Shout 7Boy
AarohitChatur (Clever) 9Boy
AarudhAscended; Risen; Elevated 8Boy
AarushFirst ray of the Sun; Calm; Red; Brilliant; Another name for the Sun 5Boy
AaryanOf the Aryan race; Ancient; Warrior; Speedy; Another name for Indra; Kind; Benevolent 6Boy
AaryikRespected; Masterful 11Boy
AashrayShelter 1Boy
AayanshThe first ray of light; Part of parents; Gift of God 6Boy
AdishFire 5Boy
AdwaitUnique; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu; Non duality 22Boy
AgnivBright as light 8Boy
AhaanDawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 7Boy
AnirudhBoundless; Unstoppable; Victorious; Unopposed; An incarnation of Buddha and Vishnu 3Boy
AnvayJoined; Integration 9Boy
AtharvLord Ganesh; Name of a Ved; Name of a Rishi married to Santi; The daughter of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti; Name of Brahma's eldest son, to whom he revealed brahma-vidya 7Boy
AumThe sacred syllable 8Boy
AvyanEloquent 9Boy
ChintanThought; Meditation; Contemplation; Mind 6Boy
DarshSight; Handsome; Lord Krishna; When the Moon becomes visible 5Boy
DevamGod; Part of God 9Boy
DevanshPart of God; Eternal part of God; Demigod 1Boy
DhruvanStar 7Boy
GarvProud 3Boy
HarshivLord Shiv 4Boy
HeerPowerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness 9Boy
HimaySnow 11Boy
HiyanshPart of the heart 3Boy
IjayLord Vishnu 9Boy
IrhamLoveable; Merciful 4Boy
IshantCute Baby; Lord Shiva 8Boy
IvaanGod's gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal 2Boy
JayayIs associated with Lord Shiva; Goddess Durga; Lord Vishnu; Goddess Lakshmi 8Boy
JinenLord of victory 7Boy
KavanWater; Poem 4Boy
KavishKing of poets; Name of Lord Ganesh 7Boy
KrivishKrishna kri + Vishnu vish 6Boy
KunalLotus; A bird 5Boy
LakshAim; Target; Goal; Sign 6Boy
ManasMind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Heart intellect; Desire; Human being; Insight; Cheerfulness 3Boy
MehanSuddh; Pure 5Boy
MihanCloud; Great; Best qualities 9Boy
MishvRulling personality 8Boy
MrineshSweet wine 5Boy
NamanSalutation; Bowing; To pay homage 7Boy
NihantNever ending; Boy 3Boy
NiharMist; Fog; Dew 5Boy
NihasFresh 6Boy
NihirWind 4Boy
NikhilWhole; Perfect; Complete; Entire 9Boy
NivBasic; Foundation 9Boy
NivanshPart of holy 6Boy
ParamThe best; Pre-eminent 22Boy
PinankLord Shiva name 11Boy
PratimThe Sunlight 5Boy
PritavVariant 5Boy
RagavLord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God 22Boy
ReyanFame 9Boy
RishabMorality; Superior; Excellent; A musical note; Bull 3Boy
RisheekLord Shiva; An ascetic; A sage 3Boy
RishivLord Krishna and Lord Shiva combined 4Boy
RiyanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 4Boy
SaatvikVirtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good 2Boy
ShivanGod Shiva 1Boy
ShivanshA portion of Lord Shiv 1Boy
ShreevedFascinating 5Boy
ShreyamCredit; To Give Credit to Someone; Variant of Shriyam; Lord Vishnu 8Boy
ShrinayLord Ganesh 4Boy
ShrineelLord Vishnu; Blue-complexioned God 9Boy
ShrineshLord Vishnu 1Boy
ShriragLord Vishnu 8Boy
ShriyaanLord Vishnu; Lord of Shri Ram 5Boy
ShriyamLord Vishnu; He who is the embodiment of Sri 3Boy
ShrotListener 8Boy
ShrujalSuggest meaning 8Boy
TakshKing Bharat's son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood 5Boy
TanaySon 7Boy
TriakshThree eyed; Another name for Lord Shiva 5Boy
UchitCorrect 7Boy
VeerashBrave Lord; The king of all warriors; King of all heroes 6Boy
VidhantHonors 6Boy
VihalLaugh out loud 7Boy
VimeshThe most enthusiastic person 4Boy
Vinshalwide; broad; spacious 4Boy
VishankOnce who has not fear 3Boy
VishitFree; Released 6Boy
VivaanLord Krishna; Full of life; Rays of the morning Sun 6Boy
VivanshHappiness; Half Moon; The First ray of the Sun 5Boy
ViyankCombination of lovable and peaceful. 1Boy
VrijeshGod of the land of Brij 1Boy
VritBliss 6Boy
VritantDescription; Narration of an event 5Boy
VrujalSuggest meaning 3Boy
VyomSky 3Boy
YoginGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva); One who practices Yoga; Ascetic; Follower of the Yoga philosophy 7Boy
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