Most Popular Indian Hindu Girl Names Of 2015

100 Top 100 Girl Names - 2015
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AadyaFirst power; Goddess Durga; First; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament 5Girl
AalayaHome; Refuge 5Girl
AanyaInexhaustible; Limitless; Resurrection 6Girl
AaradhyaWorshipped; Blessing of Lord Ganesh 5Girl
AarnaGoddess Lakshmi; Water; Wave; Effervescing; Stream 8Girl
AarviPeace 6Girl
AashiSmile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing 2Girl
Aashnaloved.aspx'>Beloved; Devoted to love; Friend; The one to be acknowledged or praised 8Girl
AashviBlessed and victorious; Little Mare 6Girl
AavyaThe first ray of the Sun; Gift of God 5Girl
AayushiOne with long life; Long-lived 3Girl
AksharaLetters; Goddess Saraswati 5Girl
AkshitaPermanent; Can not be broken easily. secure; Saved; Guarded 6Girl
AliyaExcellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering 3Girl
AmayaNight rain; Immeasurable; Without limit 5Girl
AnanyaGoddess Parvati; Matchless; Unique; Different from others; Charming 2Girl
AnayaWithout a superior; God has shown favour 6Boy
AnveshaQuest; Curious 7Girl
AnviOne of the devis names, Name of a Goddess 1Girl
AnvikaPowerful and complete 22Girl
ArchanaWorship; Respected 1Girl
ArohiA music tune; Progressive; Evolving 6Girl
AshiSmile; Joy; Laughter; Blessing 1Girl
AshikaOne without sorrow; Mercury; Sweet heart; Beloved 22Girl
AvikaSunrays; Charismatic personality 8Girl
AvniThe earth 1Girl
AyanaThe mirror 6Girl
AyraThe beginning; The principle; The breathe of life 9Girl
IshaniConsort of Lord Shiva, Close to God; Name of Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati; Ruling; Owning 6Girl
IshikaAn arrow; Dart; One who achieves; Paintbrush; Daughter of God 3Girl
IshitaMastery; Wealth; Superior; Desired; Eminence 3Girl
JhanviGanga the river 1Girl
JiyaHeart; Sweet heart 9Girl
KashviShining; Bright; Glowing 7Girl
MaahiRiver; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth conjoined; The number one 5Girl
MaanviGirl with humanity; One who poses all the best qualities 6Girl
MeherBenevolence 4Girl
MihikaMist; Fog 6Girl
MishaHappy for the entire life 5Girl
MishikaLove of God 7Girl
NaishaSpecial; Lovely flower 7Girl
NeelimaA beauty by its blue reflection; Blue complexioned; Blue Sky 5Girl
NidhiBrilliant; To bestow; Treasure; Wealth 8Girl
NimishaMomentary; Twinkling of an eye 1Girl
NishikaHonest; Night 8Girl
NitikaPrincipled; Moral person; Virtuous; Leader 1Girl
NiyaA desire for something; Purpose; Bright; Lord Hanuman 22Unisex
PihuShe is excellent; Sweet sound; Pea-hen 9Girl
PrachiEast; Orient 1Girl
PranitaPromoted; Led; Created; Grown; Holy water; A cup used in rituals 7Girl
PrishaTalent has given by God; Beloved; Loving; God's gift 8Girl
PriyanshiLovable; Dear; Loving 11Girl
ReenaCute; Gem; Joyous song; Melted; Dissolved; Rebirth; Clear; Bright 7Girl
RishitaThe best; Saintly; Learned 3Girl
RitikaJoy; Of the truth; Generous; A small flowing river or stream; Truthful 5Girl
RiyaRich or from Hadria; Gem; Goddess Lakshmi; Graceful; Singer 8Girl
SaanviGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed 3Girl
SahanaRaaga or patience; Queen 8Girl
SakshiWitness; Evidence 22Girl
SanayaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday; First ray of the Sun 7Girl
SanjanaGentle; Creator 6Girl
SanviGoddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi 2Girl
SanvikaGoddess Lakshmi; One who will be followed 5Girl
SanyaEminent; Distinguished; Born on Saturday 6Girl
SaraPrincess; Noble lady; Precious; Firm; Pure; Excellent; Sweet smelling; Veil 3Girl
SaranyaSurrendered 7Girl
SarikaKoel or Cuckoo or a thing of beauty or nature; Princess; The Mynah bird; Beauty; Friend; Another name for Durga; Melodious; Flute 5Girl
SatvikaGoddess Durga; Calm 2Girl
ShanuFire; A learned Man 9Unisex
ShanviGoddess Parvati; Glowing; Attractive; Loveable; Goddess Lakshmi 1Girl
ShikhaFlame; Peak; Light 11Girl
ShivaniGoddess Durga, The consort of Shiva, i.e., Durga, Parvati 1Girl
ShreyaGoddess Lakshmi; Auspicious; Luster; Prosperity; Pratham; Shrestha; Beauty; Grace; Power; Brilliance; Dignity power; Another name for Saraswati; Sacred; A musical Raag 4Girl
ShrishtiUniverse; Nature; World 11Girl
ShrutiExpert in Vedas; Insight; Knowledge of the Vedas 5Girl
ShrutikaGoddess Parvati; It is another name of Goddess Sharada, as Shrut Devi 8Girl
ShubhangiA beautiful lady 8Girl
ShwetaWhite; One who is as pure as the white colour 22Girl
SiddhiAchievement; Lord Shiva; Perfection or completion 8Girl
SiyaGoddess Sita; White Moonlight; A beautiful woman; White doorvaa grass; Arabian Jasmine; Candied sugar 9Girl
SonamBeautiful; Golden; Auspicious; Handsome 8Girl
SoniyaGolden; Lovely; wisdom 11Girl
SravaniThe day of the full Moon in the month of Shraavan; Aspirant; Flow; Born in the month of Shravan 3Girl
SravyaAnything that sounds good to your ear 5Girl
SunitaWisdom; One with good morals; Good guidance; Righteous; Well-mannered 3Girl
SurbhiSweet fragrance; The celestial cow; Wish yielding cow 5Girl
SwaraTones; Self shining in Sanskrit 8Girl
SwatiA Nakshatra; Goddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati 9Girl
TanishaFairy queen; Ambition; Goddess of physique 9Girl
TishaHappiness; Survivor 3Girl
TrishaThirst 3Girl
TwishaBright; Light; Brilliance 8Girl
VaishnaviWorshipper of Lord Vishnu; The personified energy of Vishnu 6Girl
VarshiniGoddess of rain 1Girl
VedikaFull of knowledge; Altar; A river in India; Consciousness; An Apsara or celestial 7Girl
VidhiGoddess of destiny 7Girl
VrushaliKarna's wife name in Mahabharata; Success 11Girl
YanaSlavic; God is gracious; A new birth 5Girl
YashiFamous; Successful 8Girl
YashviFame 3Girl
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