Most Popular Indian Hindu Boy Names Of 2017

100 Top 100 Boy Names - 2017
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AalayHome; Refuge 4Boy
AaravPeaceful; Sound; Shout 7Boy
AarnavOcean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 3Boy
AarohitChatur (Clever) 9Boy
AaryanOf the Aryan race; Ancient; Warrior; Speedy; Another name for Indra; Kind; Benevolent 6Boy
AatmayLong-lived 7Boy
AayanshThe first ray of light; Part of parents; Gift of God 6Boy
AayshDelight; Joy; Pleasure; God blessings 9Boy
AchintCare free 1Boy
AdishFire 5Boy
AdritBeloved 7Boy
AdwaitUnique; Another name for Brahma and Vishnu; Non duality 22Boy
AganitName of Lord Vishnu 7Boy
AhaanDawn, Sunrise, Morning glory, First ray of light; One who is of the nature of time itself 7Boy
AjatUnborn 5Boy
AjoyJoyful 6Boy
AnirvUndying 1Boy
AnirvanUndying; Progressive 7Boy
AnveshInvestigation 6Boy
ArihaanDestroyer of evil; Killing enemies 7Boy
ArnavOcean; Air; Sun; Wave; Stream; Sea 2Boy
AryanshKing of Arya; Long Life 5Boy
AshitThe planet; Desirable; Hot; The planet Saturn 3Boy
AtharvLord Ganesh; Name of a Ved; Name of a Rishi married to Santi; The daughter of Kardam Rishi and Devahooti; Name of Brahma's eldest son, to whom he revealed brahma-vidya 7Boy
AumThe sacred syllable 8Boy
DhuvinComb 6Boy
EkanshWhole; One; Complete 22Boy
GahanDepth; Profound 22Boy
GarvProud 3Boy
GauraanshA part of Gauri Parwati 9Boy
GrishmHeat 11Boy
HarshalDelighted; A lover; Joyful; Glad 4Boy
HetvikLord Siva 3Boy
HivarshSuggest meaning 4Boy
HrishabhMorality 1Boy
HrivaanSuggest meaning 1Boy
IshaanLord Shiva; The Sun; Vishnu; Agni and Surya; Ruler; Generous; Causing prosperity 7Boy
IvaanGod's gracious and glorious gift; The Sun; Ruler; Royal 2Boy
JaimishHappy 6Boy
JalpanTo eat; Drink something 9Boy
JimitTo win others hearts 7Boy
KairavWhite Lotus; Born of water; Gambler 8Boy
KanavKundal in Lord Krishna's ear; Name of a sage; Wise; Beautiful 4Boy
KaniskIndestructible 2Boy
KarvLove; Desire 7Boy
KavanWater; Poem 4Boy
KaveenBeautiful; Poet 22Boy
KeravEternal 3Boy
LakhitLord Vishnu 7Boy
MarvinFamous friend 5Boy
MihulSuggest meaning 9Boy
MrudhulBeautiful; Smart; Soft 7Boy
NaivedyaHindu Mataji prashad with curd & sugar 9Boy
NihaalComplete; Young; Planet; Happiness 9Boy
NihasFresh 6Boy
NilanshLord Shani Dev 5Boy
NiroshWithout anger; Cairn 11Boy
NivinNivedyam to God (Offerings to God) 5Boy
RaveshLord Vishnu 1Boy
RishaanLord Shiva; Good human being; Strong; Good 7Boy
RishivLord Krishna and Lord Shiva combined 4Boy
SahayaHelp; Lord Shiva 1Boy
SamitCollected 8Boy
SaptakA musical note 5Boy
SasangAttached; Connected; Associated 7Boy
SatatyaNever ending 6Boy
SatayuHundred years old 6Boy
SatyanLord of the truth 8Boy
ShanavThe Sun 2Boy
ShauryaBravery; Power; Heroism 3Boy
ShihaanSuggest meaning 6Boy
ShomitA person who gets every thing 3Boy
ShonilSuggest meaning 5Boy
ShrianshPart of Goddess Lakshmi; Part of God 6Boy
ShriyaanLord Vishnu; Lord of Shri Ram 5Boy
SnehantInfinite Love / Affectionate 9Boy
SohamThe presence of divinity of each soul, I am him, every soul has a presence of God in it; god is within 2Boy
SomilLove to meet different persons; A friend; Calm 5Boy
SreeragMusical Raga from God 1Boy
SrianshLord Vishnu's Part 7Boy
SrimoyTrustworthy 9Boy
StavLoop; Autumn 8Boy
StavitPraised 1Boy
SuhitPositive; Suitable; Appropriate; Good 5Boy
SwakshName of Lord Vishnu 9Boy
SwarnikGold 5Boy
TeerajTree near a shore 5Boy
TejitWhetted; Sharpened 1Boy
TrianshParts of Three God 8Boy
UrvishKing; Lord of the Earth 7Boy
VahinLord Shiva; Vahin 9Boy
VaibhavRichness; Power; Eminence 11Boy
VatsalAffectionate; Gentle 3Boy
VihaanMorning; Dawn 1Boy
ViheerSuggest meaning 4Boy
VikithLord Vishnu 7Boy
ViromWith God's Power 5Boy
VirujIn good health, Healthy 8Boy
VrujalSuggest meaning 3Boy
YasasUnderstanding 11Boy
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