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434 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Love'
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AaradhDeep rapturous Love; Adoration 6Boy
AarzooWish; Hope; Love 4Boy
AarzuWish; Hope; Love 22Boy
AelaLove 1Boy
AgampreetLove for God 5Boy
AkaljogIn union with eternal Love 3Boy
AkalpreetLove of God 8Boy
AkalrasElixir of Love of God 9Boy
AmadPraiseworthy; Love of God; Somber 1Boy
AmanpreetLove with peace 3Unisex
AmarpreetImmortal Love of God 7Boy
AnbarasanKing of Love 8Boy
AnbarasuKing of Love 5Boy
AnbuLove; Kindness 11Boy
AnbuchelvanKind; King of Love 4Boy
AngangGod of Love 8Boy
AnumitLove and kindness; Analytical; Logical 6Boy
AnuraagLove; Affection; Devotion; Attachment 9Boy
AnuragLove; Affection; Devotion; Attachment 8Boy
AnuragyaLove 7Boy
AravindLove; Avatar; Lotus; Auspicious; Handsome 6Boy
AravindhLove; Avatar; Lotus; Auspicious; Handsome 5Boy
AsnehIntimate Love 2Boy
AtaubaqHandsome; Beautiful; Helpful; Generous and got a lot of love to share 9Boy
BabaljeetFull with Love 22Boy
BalpreetMighty Love 7Boy
BaviyanOne who Love 11Boy
BhajnaamRemembering the Love of God 5Boy
BhajneekAbsorbed in the Love of God 11Boy
BhavpremLove for the world 4Boy
BinodanA person who can spread Love and Joy 5Boy
BirpremLove for braves 9Boy
BisanpreetLove of God 1Boy
BrahmleenAbsorbed in Love of God 6Boy
BudhpreetLove of wisdom 9Boy
ChaahLove; Pit; Fondness; Fancy; Wish; Longing; Desired 3Boy
ChahatLove 5Boy
ChainpreetPeaceful Love 9Boy
ChamanpreetLove for garden 5Boy
ChananpreetLove for the light of God 6Boy
ChanchalpreetLove for the lively 6Boy
ChanderpreetMoons Love 9Boy
ChanpreetLove for the Moon 9Boy
CharanpremLove of God's feet 7Boy
ChitpreetHeart full of Love 5Boy
ChitpremHeart full of Love 11Boy
DaayadeshwarLove of Eshwar 11Boy
DalpreetTeams Love 9Boy
DalynTrue Love 2Boy
DarpakKamdev, God of love pride, Another name for the Love God Kaama 6Boy
DarpreetLove for God's door 6Boy
DarshpreetThe Love for Lord Krishna 6Boy
DavinderpreetLove of the deity of heaven 6Boy
DeenpremLove for the helpless 8Boy
DevpreetLove for God 5Boy
DharampreetLove of faith 1Boy
EitharTo love another person 7Boy
EkampremLove of the supreme being 1Boy
EkanpreetLove for God 5Boy
EkantpreetLove for solitude 7Boy
FatehpreetLove for victory 5Boy
GaganpreetLove of the heavenly sky 4Boy
GaoushikLord Buddha; A surname of Vishvamitra; An epithet of Shiva; Love; Passion; An epithet of Indra 1Boy
GhamandpremLove for pride 1Boy
GiaHeart; Love; God is merciful; Earth; Beautiful 8Boy
GopalpreetLove for the Lord 7Boy
GulshanpreetLove of the rose garden 11Boy
GulwantpreetLove for the beautiful flowers 9Boy
GurpremLove of Guru; Gurus beloved 8Boy
GyanpremLove of knowledge 9Boy
HakampreetLove for authority 8Boy
HarmanpreetLove from God's heart 11Boy
HarnamLove for the name of God 1Boy
HarpremjitWinning the Love of God 1Boy
HeetLove 2Boy
HetLove 6Boy
HetakshExistence of Love 9Boy
HetarthDistribute love; A Well wisher 8Boy
HetavGives Love 2Boy
HetbirLove of the brave 8Boy
HetshreeLove of God 7Boy
HetveerBrave Love 11Boy
HitarthDistribute love; The well wisher 3Boy
HrudayaLove 6Boy
HubLove 4Boy
HukumpreetLove for God's will 3Boy
HusanpreetLove for charm 1Boy
IkpreetLove of God 3Boy
ImratLove 7Boy
IndarpreetLove for God 11Boy
IndarpremLove for God 8Boy
InderpreetLove for God 6Boy
IshapreetLove of divinity 11Boy
IsharpreetLove of God 11Boy
IshtarThe Babylonian Goddess of Love; Desired; Dear 3Boy
IshtpreetLove of God 3Boy
JagatpremLove of the world 1Boy
JagpreetLove of the world 1Boy
JagpremLove of the world 7Boy
JaipreetThe victory of Love; Lord of Uganda 3Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 434