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49 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Love'
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Agampreet Love for God 5 Boy
Akaljog In union with eternal Love 3 Boy
Anbarasan King of Love 8 Boy
Babaljeet Full with Love 22 Boy
Brahmleen Absorbed in Love of God 6 Boy
Darshpreet The Love for Lord Krishna 6 Boy
Husanpreet Love for charm 1 Boy
Ishapreet Love of divinity 11 Boy
Ishtpreet Love of God 3 Boy
Jasjeevan Love with Life 6 Boy
Jaskeerat One who sings praises of the Lord; Love; Pyar; Never shortage of money 9 Boy
Jaskirat One who sings praises of the Lord; Love; Pyar; Never shortage of money 8 Boy
Livavtar Love incarnate 6 Boy
Madanapal Lord of Love 9 Boy
Madanpal Cupid; God of Love 8 Boy
Mahafuzur Heart of love in the sea 7 Boy
Mastprem Absorbed in the Love of God 6 Boy
Mehpreet A mind filled with love 1 Boy
Nimmapreet Love for modesty 6 Boy
Paramhet Of supreme Love of God 1 Boy
Paramrang Imbued with the Love of Lord 8 Boy
Prabhraman One absorbed in Love of God 11 Boy
Preetidutt Gifted with Love 3 Boy
Premuttam Having highest Love for God 1 Boy
Pupinder Lords Love 4 Boy
Rajkiran King of sunrays 1 Boy
Rajsharan King of Love 9 Boy
Ramandeep Absorbed in the light of Lord's Love 5 Boy
Ramangun Absorbed in the light of lord's Love 8 Boy
Ramansukh Love of beloved; Love of merriment 7 Boy
Ramgiaan Love for Lord 1 Boy
Ramjeevan Love for the beloved God 8 Boy
Rampiari One who is beloved to Lord Rama 4 Boy
Ramrasan In Love with God 4 Boy
Ramvichaar Imbued with Love of God 4 Boy
Rangraman One imbued with the Love of God 6 Boy
Rangratti The lover of Love of God 9 Boy
Rasteerath Elixir of Love 7 Boy
Rattandeep Love for the gem 5 Boy
Rattanjot One who is in love of the diamond holy word 11 Boy
Sachbhagat Love for patience 7 Boy
Sachsevak Love for the truth 8 Boy
Sahilmeet Love for all 11 Boy
Sangatroop Love for good company 9 Boy
Satya Priya Devoted to truth; Love to truth 9 Boy
Satyapreet True Love 4 Boy
Satyaprem True Love 1 Boy
Siopareet Inspires Love 9 Boy
Thakurjeet One who has won the Lord masters Love 11 Boy