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AmanjitPeace attainder; Attainer of tranquility 5Boy
AmanpreetLove with peace 3Unisex
AmardeepEternal light 9Boy
AnantjeetEndless victory 9Boy
AnokhExtraordinary and wondrous; Unique; Wondrous 22Boy
ArinajeetHeroic without personality flaw 11Boy
ArmanHope or desire; Army Man; Wish 2Boy
ArunvirGoodness; Power; beauty; trust; Happiness; spirituality 4Boy
AryanThat Which Is Beyond Anyone's Strength 5Boy
AshreetSomebody who gives shelter; One who gives refuge to others; God of wealth; One who protects others; Rite of dependency; Trust on God; One who is dependent on God; Subramaniam Swami 4Boy
AvaneetImmovable morals 9Boy
BirpalHeroic protector; Protector of the brave 4Boy
BishanpalRaised by God 1Boy
BismeetBrave; Happy 1Boy
BrahmjotOne in union with God 6Boy
BrahmpalProtected by the Lord 8Boy
ChanderjitOne who has conquered the Moon 11Boy
DaljeetThe conqueror of forces; Victorious army 3Boy
DilmeetFriend of heart 5Boy
GuneetKnower of virtues; Talented; Excellent; Virtuous 9Boy
GurdasGurus slave 7Boy
GurmanHeart of the Guru 11Boy
HarbirWarrior of God 11Boy
HardeepLight of the God; Strong 3Boy
HarmanEverybodys beloved 1Boy
HarpritLover of God 9Boy
IndivarBlue lotus 5Boy
IndrajitConqueror of Lord Indra, one who got victory over Lord Indra 4Boy
IshjeetVictorious supreme being 4Boy
IshmeetFriend of God 7Boy
IshpalSupport of the Goddess 11Boy
IshwarPowerful; The supreme God 6Boy
IsminderLord 1Boy
JagjeetWinner of the world 22Boy
JasjeevTo live with glory 9Boy
JasveerGet victory; Hero of fame; Famous personality 8Boy
JeetMastery; Victory; Success; Win 4Boy
JivanLife; Life-giving; Bringer of life 2Boy
KavneetPoetry poet poem 6Boy
KiranjitVictory over rays 11Boy
KuldeepThe enlightened one in the family; An entire region of the family; The lamp of the family 11Boy
LamjotSuggest meaning 8Boy
MahipalA king 6Boy
ManrajRuler of the heart 3Boy
MohinderThe great Lord Indra; God of the Sky 5Boy
NarveerBrave person 11Boy
PrajitVictorious; Conquering; Defeating 11Boy
RanvirHero of the battle; Winner 1Boy
SajivLively; Alive 7Boy
SarjeetVictorious 6Boy
ShamsherThe sword of honors; The leader Lion of the herd 1Boy
TanmeetStrong; Loyal 6Boy
TaranvirWarrior of redemption 4Boy
UpjeetVictory for proximity; Of exalted victory; Winning; To acquire by victory 5Boy
UrveerHeroic strength 8Boy
UttamBest 3Boy
VajrajitLord Indra, Conqueror of Inder, Whose weapon is called Vajra 1Boy
VeerCourageous; Warrior; Strong; Lightning; Thunder 5Boy
YudhjeetVictorious in war 8Boy
YuvrajPrince; Heir apparent; Young 7Boy
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