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180 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Protector'
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AasimLimitless; Protecter 7Boy
AditpalProtector of the Sun 9Boy
AgampalGod as protector 6Boy
AharActivity; Defender; Protector 1Boy
AmanpalPeace protector 22Boy
AmarpalImperishable protector 8Boy
AmitpalLimitless protector 9Boy
AnilpalImmaculate protector 11Boy
ArunpalProtector of the morning 11Boy
AsasProtector of Dharma 4Boy
AseemLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector; Infinite 7Boy
AsheemLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector 6Boy
AshimLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector 5Boy
AsimLimitless shank; Boundless; Protector; Infinite 6Boy
BhakthavatsalaProtector of Devotees 1Boy
BhavpalLord; The worlds protector 8Boy
BhutapalaProtector of the ghosts 1Boy
BirpalHeroic protector; Protector of the brave 4Boy
DastagirBrave; Protector; Saint 7Boy
DastgirBrave; Protector; Saint 6Boy
DeelipKing of the solar race; Defender; Protector; Big-hearted; A generous king 6Boy
DeenabandhavProtector of the downtrodden 9Boy
DeenanathLord of the poor; Protector 9Boy
DeenpalThe protector of the helpless; The Sun 3Boy
DevendrashikaProtector of all Gods 4Boy
DharmapalProtector of his religion 11Boy
DharmaveerProtector of religion 5Boy
DharmpalProtector of religion 1Boy
DharmveerProtector of religion 4Boy
DigpalProtector of all directions 4Boy
DinanathLord of the poor; Protector 8Boy
DinanthLord of the poor; Protector 7Boy
DinpalThe protector of the helpless; The Sun 11Boy
FatehpalVictorious protector 6Boy
GhamandpalProtector of pride 5Boy
GurharpalProtector of Guru 3Boy
GurjanpalProtector of Guru 1Boy
Abdul HaafizServant of the guardian (Allah); Servant of the protector 1Boy
HaafizProtector; One who has memorised the Quran 6Boy
HafeezGuardian; Protector 6Boy
Abdul HafeezServant of the guardian (Allah); Servant of the protector 1Boy
HafezGuardian; Protector 1Boy
Abdul HafizServant of the guardian (Allah); Servant of the protector 9Boy
HafizProtector; One who has memorised the Quran 5Boy
HamiProtector; Patron; Supporter; Defender 22Boy
HanspalProtector of great soul 8Boy
HarcharanpalProtector of Lord's feet 11Boy
HarisahGuardian; Protector 1Boy
HarkiratpalProtector of the God's praisers 7Boy
HarmandarpalProtector of the house of God 8Boy
HarmanpalProtector of God's heart 3Boy
HartejpalProtector of the glow of God 1Boy
HimmatpalProtector of courage 3Boy
HusanpalProtector of charm 11Boy
IjjatpalProtector of dignity 7Boy
InderpalProtector of Lord Indra; Variant of Inder 7Boy
IsaamProtector; Safeguard 7Boy
IsamProtector; Safeguard 6Boy
JagpalWorld protector 2Boy
JasanpalProtector of the renowned 2Boy
JashiProtector 2Boy
JashikProtector 22Boy
JashithProtector 3Boy
JashpalPraise of the glorious protector; Lord Krishna; Guarded by fame 22Boy
JaspalPraise of the glorious protector; Lord Krishna; Guarded by fame 1Boy
JaspaulGlorious protector 8Boy
JespalPraise of the glorious protector 9Boy
JodhpalBrave protector 3Boy
JuspaulProtector of glory 1Boy
KaliyugavaradhanProtector in kaliyug 3Boy
KanwalpalProtector of lotus 1Boy
KanwarpalProtector of Prince 7Boy
KarampaulProtector of God's grace 4Boy
KaranpalProtector of Karan 11Boy
KiaKing; Protector; Defender 3Boy
KishanpalProtector of Lord Krishna 1Boy
KomalpalProtector of softness 9Boy
Gopala KrishnanLord Krishna, Krishna, Who is the protector of the Earth 11Boy
KshemakProtector; Fragrance 5Boy
LajpalProtector of honour 7Boy
LochanpalProtector of desire 1Boy
LokpalProtector of the people 22Boy
MahanpalGreat protector 3Boy
MahfujPreserved; Safe; The protected one 5Boy
MahinderpalProtector of the Lord of the Earth 11Boy
ManjinderpalProtector of Lord of mind 9Boy
ManoharpalProtector of the charming 9Boy
ManpaulProtector of heart 6Boy
ManwantpalProtector of the strong heart 7Boy
MawlaHelper; Protector 5Boy
MeetpalProtector of friends 9Boy
MohanpalProtector of the charming 8Boy
MohenpalEnticing protector 3Boy
Abdul MuhayminSlave of the protector 9Boy
Al-MuhayminThe protector 9Boy
NaitarpalProtector of the eyes 11Boy
NamitpalHumble protector 5Boy
NampalProtector of naam 3Boy
NandapalLord Krishna; Protector of Nanda 9Boy
NareshpalProtector of king 4Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 180