Different Names Of Lord 108 Names Of Lord Ganesha

11 Indian Baby Boy Names For Lord 108 Names Of Lord Ganesha Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Avaneesh Lord of the whole world; Lord Ganesh; Ruler 3 Boy
Ekadanta Single tusked Lord; Lord Ganesh 3 Boy
Gunina Lord of all virtues, Lord Ganesh 3 Boy
Heramba Mother's beloved son; Boastful; Name of Ganapati 3 Boy
Mahabala Having immense strength; Great strength; Enormously strong Lord 3 Boy
Musikvahana One who has a mouse as a charioteer 3 Boy
Nideeshwaram Giver of wealth and treasures 3 Boy
Umaputra The son of Goddess Uma (Goddess Parvati) 3 Boy
Varaganapati Bestower of boons 3 Boy
Veeraganapati Heroic Lord 3 Boy
Vinayaka Lord Ganesh, Remover of obstacles 3 Boy
Showing 1 - 11 of 11