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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Pavi Pure 3 Unisex
Pransu Tall; Lord Vishnu; High 8 Boy
Parth King; Arjun 9 Boy
Paarth Arjun; Son of the Earth King; Prince; Another name of Arjun, Derived from his Mother's name Pritha (Kunti) 1 Boy
Pahal Facet; Beginning; An initiative 2 Unisex
Parin Another name of Lord Ganesh 4 Boy
Pranav Lord Vishnu; The sacred syllable Om; Kind of musical instrument; An epithet of Vishnu; Son of night; Grandson of Anantara and brother of Shatrajit; Very much fresh or young; Epithet of Shiva 9 Boy
Param The best; Pre-eminent 22 Boy
Pavni Honey; Lord Hanuman; True; Holy 8 Unisex
Pranshu Tall; Lord Vishnu; High 7 Boy
Priyansh Lovable part of someone 11 Boy
Panav Prince 9 Boy
Panshul Fragrant; Another name of Lord Shiva; Anointed in sandalwood 1 Boy
Purav The East; Chanting voice from the East at Sunrise 6 Boy
Palash A flowery tree; Greenery; Horse 3 Boy
Piyush Milk; Nectar 8 Boy
Prish Loving; God gifted 7 Boy
Pavaki Name of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire 6 Unisex
Prem Love 7 Boy
Pankit Line 8 Boy
Parav Name of a sage 22 Boy
Pankil Mud with water 9 Boy
Punit Pure or holy 8 Boy
Prit Love 9 Boy
Paavaki One of a kind or rare; Quite new; Exquisite; Unprecedented; Like never before; Unique; Unmatched 7 Boy
Paksha Symbolising the phases of Moon 2 Boy
Padam Lotus 8 Boy
Parshv Weaponed soldier; Jain God; Short form of Parshvanath; 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism 3 Boy
Poorv The East; Chanting voice from the East at Sunrise 5 Boy
Priyanshu First Ray of The Sunlight 5 Boy
Pavit Love 5 Boy
Parv Festival; Strong 3 Boy
Padm Lotus 7 Boy
Pavish Truly; Bright 3 Boy
Palak Eyelash 5 Boy
Pavin The Sun 8 Boy
Panju Smooth 8 Boy
Pujit Worshipped; Respected 22 Boy
Pinaki Lord Krishna; One who is the wielder of the bow 6 Boy
Palin Guarding; Protecting 7 Boy
Pinak A bow of Lord Shiva 6 Boy
Peri Just fame 3 Boy
Puru Abundant; Name of a King; Mountain; Heaven 22 Boy
Puran Complete; Successors; Momento; Abundant 7 Boy
Phalak Heaven; The Sky; Shield 22 Boy
Pushp Flower; Fragrance; Topaz 8 Boy
Paurav A descendent of king Puru 7 Boy
Parva Festival; Strong 22 Boy
Pavak Purifying; Fire; Brilliant; Pure 6 Boy
Princy Prince like 4 Boy
Pathik A traveler 11 Boy
Pinank Lord Shiva name 11 Boy
Phani Snake 3 Boy
Partho Arjun; Son of the Earth King; Prince; Another name of Arjun, Derived from his Mother's name Pritha (Kunti) 6 Boy
Pival A tree 6 Boy
Parthey A Name of Lord Krishna 3 Boy
Pathin Traveler 5 Boy
Pinkay Always Happy 4 Boy
Paavan Pure; Sacred; Fire; Incense; Pious 1 Boy
Prity Affection; Love 7 Boy
Piyu Beloved 8 Boy
Pranjal Honest or soft; Dignified; Simple; Self-respecting; Sincere 9 Boy
Parthiv Son of the Earth; Brave; Prince of Earth; Earthly 4 Boy
Praneel Lord Shiva; Life giving 8 Boy
Padma Goddess Lakshmi Lotus; Lotus coloured; A thousand bilLion 8 Unisex
Pritesh Lord of Love 5 Boy
Priyank Very dear husband 4 Boy
Purvesh Earth 1 Boy
Pankaj Lotus flower; Another name for Brahma 8 Boy
Pranay Romance; Leader; Love 3 Boy
Pallav Young shoots and leaves 1 Boy
Paras The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold; Healthy; Touchstone; Iron 1 Boy
Priyan Goddess Lakshmi; Loving 11 Unisex
Parag Pollen grains; Fame; Fragrant 7 Boy
Punith Pure or holy 7 Boy
Padmesh Lord Vishnu, Consort of Padma 3 Boy
Pawan Breeze; Wind; Air 1 Boy
Pranit Humble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader 6 Boy
Parthik Lovely 11 Boy
Paresh The highest Lord; Another name of Brahma, Lord Rama; Supreme spirit; Lord of the Lords 4 Boy
Prajesh Lord Brahma; Leader of Men 5 Boy
Prithvi The earth 3 Boy
Praneet Humble boy; Likeable; Sanctified; Modest; Leader 7 Boy
Pushkar Lotus; A lake; Sky; Heaven; Sun 4 Boy
Peeyush Milk; Nectar 9 Boy
Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Parmesh Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu 8 Boy
Pranesh Lord of life 9 Boy
Purab East 22 Boy
Purvang Prakashit 9 Boy
Parthav Greatness 5 Boy
Puneet Pure or holy 9 Boy
Panth Rasta 5 Boy
Pachai Youthful; Resourceful 11 Boy
Poorna Complete 7 Boy
Poonam Full Moon 11 Unisex
Panchal Lord Shiva; A Prince of Panchal; A warrior tribe and their country in the north of India; Name of a Nagraj; Consisting of five; A style of singing; A name for Shiva 1 Boy
Panini A Sanskrit grammarian, The great scholar grammarian 9 Boy
Palani Abode of Lord Murugan 8 Boy
Purush The omnipotent personality 4 Boy
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