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91 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'Flower'
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AkhtarStar; Flower; Good man 5Boy
AmlankusumUnfading flower 9Boy
AparaajithaOne of the kauravas; Unconquerable woman; Undefeated or name of a flower; Another name for Durga 5Unisex
AparajitaOne of the kauravas; Unconquerable woman; Undefeated or name of a flower; Another name for Durga 5Unisex
ArnitBeautiful flower 8Boy
BabrakLittle Basilica flower 8Boy
BakoolFlower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 2Boy
BakulFlower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 11Boy
ChampakA flower 8Boy
ChitrabhanuCrown flower plant; Fire 6Boy
DaudiA flower 3Boy
DolonScent of a beautiful white flower 6Boy
FaghirName of a flower 4Boy
Gul HashamFlower name 9Boy
IrajLord Hanuman; Flower; Born of the primal waters; Another name for the Love God Kaama 2Boy
JafriYellow flower 8Boy
Janat GulParadise flower 5Boy
JasmineName of a flowering plant; Fragrant 8Boy
JasminjeetVictory of flower 7Boy
JasminpreetLove of flower 4Boy
JuhitBrightness; Jasmine flower 5Boy
JuhithBrightness; Jasmine flower 4Boy
JyothishkarA kind of flower 9Boy
KamalpreetLover of medicine flower 3Boy
KetakFlower; Flag; a Gold ornament for the hair 3Boy
KinshukA flower 3Boy
KusumitA flower blooming 6Boy
MaharanthPollen inside a flower 3Boy
MalaravanGentle like flower 11Boy
MandarA flower; Heavenly; Large; Firm; Slow 6Boy
MeerabParadise flower 8Boy
MehdiA flower 3Boy
NasreenWild rose; Blue scented flower 4Boy
NaumanMen with all blessings of Allah 1Boy
NeelajThe lotus flower 2Boy
NeerajLotus flower; To illuminate; Irradiate 8Boy
NirajLotus flower; Pure; Free from attachment 7Boy
PalashkusumThe flower of Palash 7Boy
PankajLotus flower; Another name for Brahma 8Boy
ParamkamalSupreme lotus flower 6Boy
ParigolFairy like flower 6Boy
ParijaatDivine tree; A celestial flower 4Boy
ParijatDivine tree; A celestial flower 3Boy
Parijatapa HarakayaOne who removes the Parijath flower 6Boy
PhulwantFull of flower fragrance 7Boy
PrabhkamalFlower of God 11Boy
PrasoonFlower; Blossom 8Boy
PrasunFlower; Blossom 8Boy
PriyanguIt means one who is loving and charming; Its actually a flower which has medicinal values 3Boy
PushpFlower; Fragrance; Topaz 8Boy
PushpajBorn from a flower; Nectar 1Boy
PushpakarThe spring season (Vasant); Flower season 3Boy
PushpenderLord of flower 9Boy
PushpendraFlower 5Boy
PushpinderGod of flower 4Boy
PuspaFlower 1Boy
RaihanSweet Basil; Favored by God; Heavens flower 6Boy
RajasuyLotus flower 5Boy
RohiA music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 5Unisex
RowelFlower 1Boy
SaharuFlower 5Boy
SaiA female friend; A flower 11Boy
Sai AnandFlower 9Boy
Sai CharanFlower; Sais' feet 11Boy
Sai DeepakFlower 8Boy
Sai KarthikFlower 8Boy
Sai KumarFlower 3Boy
Sai RoopFlower 3Boy
SaicharanFlower; Sais' feet 11Boy
Sai SaranFlower 1Boy
Sai SarveshFlower 4Boy
SharolName of Flower 1Boy
ShimulName of a flower 1Boy
ShireeshA flower; Rain tree 1Boy
ShirishA flower; Rain tree 9Boy
SooryakanthEffulgent like Sun; A kind of flower 3Boy
Sai SreeFlower 4Boy
SreenikethLotus flower 6Boy
SreeshaName of Lord Ganesh; Flower 3Boy
SriniketanLord Vishnu; Abode of beauty; Lotus flower; Abode of Lakshmi; Epithet of Vishnu 3Boy
SrishFlower 1Boy
SrishaName of Lord Ganesh; Flower 11Unisex
SumanA flower; Very charming; Plesant; Considerate; Cheerful; Beautiful; Handsome; Kind; Fame 5Unisex
Sumana SriFlower; Kind hearted 7Boy
SumandeepFlower 8Boy
Sai SuriaFlower 7Boy
SuryakanthEffulgent like Sun; A kind of flower 3Boy
VakulFlower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 4Boy
ZafranGold stigma of a flower; Derived from Zarparan 3Boy
Gul ZarRose garden; Inhabited town; Flourishing 4Boy
Zar GulGold flower 4Boy
Showing 1 - 91 of 91