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Anuradha Nakshatra Names For Girl

13 Girl Names For Anuradha Nakshatra Found
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NaadhaSound 2Girl
NaimaBlessing; Living an enjoyable life; Belonging to one 2Girl
NamasyaA Goddess name 2Girl
NamiaBowed down; Modest; Polite; Venerable; Night 2Girl
NavenGoddess Lakshmi 2Girl
NayanaName of a Goddess; Beautiful eyed; The pupil of the eye 2Girl
NeeljaBlue lotus 2Girl
NeemaBorn to wealthy parents, the mother of Kabir; To adjust; To measure; Younger; Smaller 2Girl
NeetuBeautiful 2Girl
NeevaOne of the 1000 names of river Narmada; The Sun 2Girl
NinaDarling; Dear; Little girl; Lovely eyed; Bejeweled; Slender 2Girl
NitalThere is no ending, ne-no tal-ending; The forehead 2Girl
NushkaPrecious possession 2Girl
Showing 1 - 13 of 13