Bharani Nakshatra Names For Girl

42 Girl Names For Bharani Nakshatra Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Ligy Flower of Angel 8 Girl
Likhita Writing 7 Girl
Likhitha Writing 6 Girl
Likilesh Goddess Saraswati 4 Unisex
Likita Writing 8 Girl
Likitha Writing 7 Girl
Liksitha Suggest meaning 8 Girl
Lila Divine play; Creation of God; Joy; Comfort; Beauty; Grace 7 Unisex
Lilama Playful; Divine drama 3 Girl
Lilavarti Playful; Amusing; Charming 5 Girl
Lilavati Goddess Durga; Amusing; Charming; Graceful 5 Girl
Lilawatti To Write 8 Girl
Limisha Twinkling of an Eye 8 Girl
Limiya Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Limna Special; The one; Most knowledge full person; Beautiful 22 Girl
Lina A devoted one; Tender; Woman of Magdala; To be present in latent; United 9 Girl
Linasha Beautiful 1 Girl
Lincy Kindness 9 Girl
Lineysha Intelligent 3 Girl
Linisha Intelligent 9 Girl
Linju Suggest meaning 3 Girl
Linnet A singing bird 11 Girl
Lipi Script; Alphabet; Manuscript; Writing 1 Girl
Lipika A short letter, Alphabet; Manuscript; Script; Writing; Writer 4 Girl
Lipsika Suggest meaning 5 Girl
Lipsitha Smile 4 Girl
Lira Devotee of Goddess Kali 22 Girl
Lishika Beautiful eyes; Talented; Cute 6 Girl
Lishitha Good; Gold Rice 5 Girl
Lissa Honey 6 Girl
Lithika Cute and perfect 7 Girl
Lithikkaa Cute and perfect 1 Girl
Lithiksha Beauty 7 Girl
Lithisha Happiness 5 Girl
Litika Cute and perfect 8 Girl
Litiksha Beauty 8 Girl
Litisha Happiness 6 Girl
Litsa One who brings good news 7 Girl
Liva Variant of lifa 8 Girl
Livnoor Suggest meaning 6 Girl
Liya I am with God 2 Girl
Liyana Art; Softness 8 Girl
Showing 1 - 42 of 42