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Mesha Rashi Names For Boy

27 Hindu Boy Names For 'Mesha' Rashi Found
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AchyutImperishable; A name of Lord Vishnu; Indestructible 6Boy
AdinathThe first Lord; Lord Vishnu 3Boy
AdiseshLord Vishnu; The divine serpent 11Boy
AjahUnborn 11Boy
AjiteshLord Vishnu; Lord of the unconquerable 9Boy
AkshajLord Vishnu; A diamond; A thunderbolt; A name of Vishnu 5Boy
AkshobhyaLord Vishnu; Immovable one 9Boy
AmeyaatmaaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu 9Boy
AmeyatmaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu 7Boy
AmoghahEver useful; Magnificent 8Boy
AmritayaThe immortal; Lord Vishnu 7Boy
AnantajeetThe victor of infinity; Lord Vishnu; Ever victorious Lord 1Boy
EeshvarahHe who can do anything without any help; The ultimate God 6Boy
EhaLord Vishnu; In this place; Here; Now; At this time 5Boy
EkanaLord Vishnu 5Boy
EvyavanLord Vishnu; An epithet of Vishnu; Going quickly; Granting desire on one object 9Boy
IdaspatiGod of rain (Lord Vishnu) 7Boy
IjayLord Vishnu 9Boy
IndivarBlue lotus 5Boy
IneshA strong king 1Boy
IshGod; Lord Vishnu; Divine; Master of the universe; Ruler; Virile; Pious; Compelling virile; Fast; Avestan wish 9Boy
LakshmidharLord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu 5Boy
LakshmipatiLord Vishnu, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi 11Boy
LiladharLord Vishnu; One who indulges in play; Pastime; An epithet of Krishna; Epithet of Vishnu 11Boy
LohitakshLord Vishnu; Red-eyed 4Boy
LohitakshaLord Vishnu; Red-eyed 5Boy
LoknathLord of the world 9Boy
Showing 1 - 27 of 27