Mesha Rashi Names For Girl

16 Names
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Aditi Mother of the Gods; Liberty; Perfection; Creativity; Freedom; Safety; Abundance 7 Girl
Aditri The highest honor; Goddess Lakshmi 7 Girl
Ahladajanani Source of happiness 4 Girl
Ambuja Born of a Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi 3 Girl
Amrutha Nectar 1 Girl
Anagha Sinless; Without any fault; Beauty; Perfect; Pure 5 Unisex
Aparaa Materialistic knowledge; Top level of intelligence; Limitless; Unique; Godly 2 Girl
Ashoka No sorrow; Without worries; Without grief; Happy; Content 1 Girl
Ekaksharapara The Goddess who likes Om 3 Girl
Indira Goddess Lakshmi; Bestowed of prosperity; Epithet of Lakshmi; Consort of Vishnu, The Goddess Indira issued at the creation from the petals of the flower 1 Girl
Indusheetala Cool like the Moon 11 Girl
Lakashokavinashini Remover of universal agonies 4 Girl
Lakshmi Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate 1 Girl
Lokajanani Goddess Lakshmi; Mother of the World 7 Girl
Lokamatri Goddess Lakshmi; Mother of the World 1 Girl
Loukya Worldly wise; Goddess Lakshmi 22 Girl