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Name Idea-Top 100 Simha Rashi Names - Boys

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Simha Rashi Names For Boy

100 Hindu Boy Names For 'Simha' Rashi Found
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MaahirExpert; Brave 5Boy
MaalavA musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper 5Boy
MaalinOne who makes garlands; Wearing a garland; Crowned; Gardener 5Boy
MaalyaWorthy to be garlanded; Wealth; Mass of flowers 8Unisex
MaanLecturer; Respect; Supernatural power; Lord of mind; Opinion; Devotion; Home; Pride; Respect 11Boy
MaanavMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being 7Boy
MadhupA honeybee 9Boy
MadhurSweet; Melodious; Amiable 11Unisex
MageshUsha 8Boy
MahajThe place of war; A noble descent; From a noble family 6Boy
MahanGreat one; Powerful; Eminent 1Boy
MahantGreat 3Boy
MaharthVery truthful 6Boy
MaheeExpert; Lord Vishnu 5Boy
MaheemLord Shiva; Great 9Boy
MaheepKing 3Boy
MaheshLord Shiva, Name of Shiva, Great among Gods 9Boy
MahimanDignity; Power; Greatness 5Boy
MahinThe Earth; Fine or thin texture 9Boy
MahirExpert; Brave 4Boy
MahishA king; The Sun; Mighty; Lord of the Earth; Great; Buffalo 4Boy
MahitHonored; Respected; Excellent; Revered 6Boy
MahnavMan; Human being 5Boy
MakulA bud 4Boy
MakurMirror; Jasmine; A bud; Reflection 1Boy
MalankKing 7Boy
MalavA musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper 4Boy
MalayA mountain; Fragrant; Sandalwood; A mountain range in south India famous for its spices 7Boy
MaleshLord Shiva, Lord of garlands 22Boy
MalharA Raga used in Indian music 8Boy
ManaanMeditate; Thinking; Thought 8Boy
MananMeditate; Thinking; Thought 7Boy
ManantDeep Thinking 9Boy
ManasMind; Soul; Brilliant; Spiritual thought; Heart intellect; Desire; Human being; Insight; Cheerfulness 3Boy
ManavMan; Youth; Relating to Manu; Humankind; Human being; Pearl; Treasure human being 6Boy
ManavaMan; Human being 7Boy
ManeetOne who wins the heart; Highly respected; Highly regarded; Celebrated; Understood 22Boy
ManeshLord of the mind; Joyful temperament; Soul; Pride; Heart; Deep thinker 6Boy
ManikRuby; Valued; Honoured; Gem 3Boy
ManimSpring of pearls 5Boy
ManshSalvation 1Boy
MantavyaThought 7Boy
ManthThought; Devotion; Another name of the Sun; Lord Shiva 2Boy
ManthanReflection through study 8Boy
MantoshPleasure of Mind 9Boy
MantramHoly name; Lord Vishnu 8Boy
ManvikOne who is consious; Intellegent; Kind hearted 7Boy
ManvitHuman 7Boy
ManyuMind 2Boy
MardavSoftness 5Boy
MatruNative; Motherly 1Boy
MauleshChandra Mauleshawar (Lord Shiva) 7Boy
MayukhBrilliance; Brilliant; Splendor 7Boy
MeelanUnion 5Boy
MeerChief; Worthy of admiration 5Boy
MeereshHindu God 1Boy
MeetFriend 7Boy
MeetulTrue friend; Balanced; Moderate 22Boy
MeghCloud 6Boy
MeghajPearl 8Boy
MeghnadA roar of clouds; Thunder 7Boy
MehanSuddh; Pure 5Boy
MekhalGirdle; Belt 5Boy
MihirThe Sun 3Boy
MihitOne of the names of the Sun in Indian mythology 5Boy
MilanUnion; To meet 22Boy
MilitComradeship 9Boy
MineshLeader of fish 5Boy
MinhalBeautiful Flowers 3Boy
MirChief; Worthy of admiration 22Boy
MishritMix 6Boy
MitalFriendly; Friendship; Sweet 1Boy
MitangWell defined body 1Boy
MitanshMale friend 3Boy
MitanshuBordered; Friendly element 6Boy
MitenMale friend 7Boy
MiteshOne with few desires 11Boy
MithilKingdom 8Boy
MitraFriend; The Sun 7Boy
MitrajitFriendly 1Boy
MitulFaithful friend; Balanced; Moderate 3Boy
MohajitAttractive 4Boy
MohinAttractive; Fascinating; Bewildering 5Boy
MohitEnsnarled by beauty; Attracted; Infatuated; Bewildered 11Boy
MohnishLord Krishna; Attractive God 5Boy
MokshMukti; Emancipation; Liberation; Salvation; Another name for mount Meru 3Boy
MokshalLiberation; Salvation; Heaven 7Boy
MokshitMoksh ki Ichchha rakhne wala; Liberation 5Boy
MokshithMoksh ki Ichchha rakhne wala; Liberation 4Boy
MonishLord of mind; Attractive; Another name for Krishna 6Boy
MridulTender; Delicate; Soft; Gentle; Water 5Boy
MrigeshLion 7Boy
MrinalLotus; Delicate; The root of a Lotus 4Unisex
MuditHappy; Satisfied; Pleased 22Boy
MuhilCloud 9Boy
MuneshWith God; Lord Buddha; Chief of the army; Chief of the sages 8Boy
MunishWith God; Lord Buddha; Chief of an army; Chief of the sages 3Boy
MurgeshLord Kartikeya; Lord Murugan 1Boy
MuveshSuggest meaning 7Boy
MyeshaWoman 8Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 100