Meaning of Bharati



Meaning :
Goddess Saraswati; Mother India Suggest meaning
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Numerology :
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Rashi :
Dhanu (BH, F, DH)
Nakshatra :
Moola (Yo, Ye, Bhi, Bha, Bh)
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Similar names for Bharati

Name Meaning Numerology
barat Innocence; Guiltlessness 6
bhaarati Indian; Well-groomed; Descended from Bharat; Eloquent 6
bharati Goddess Saraswati; Mother India 5
bharti Indian; Well-groomed; Descended from Bharat; Eloquent 4
briti Strength 4
paridhi Realm 11
parita In each direction 11
pariyat Flower 9
poorti Supply; Satisfaction 3
praadha Supreme; Prominent 4
pradya Glow; Light 11
prati One who appreciates and loves music 1
pratyaya Perception; Thought; Intention 8
praudha One who is old 6
prayuta Mingled with 3
preet Love 1
preeti Affection; Love 1
preety Affection; Love 8
preity Affection; Love 3
prita Happy; Dear one; Another name of Kunti (Mother of Pandavas) 1
priti Affection; Love 9

Variant names for name Bharati

Name Numerology
bhaarati 6
bharati 5