Different Names Of Lord 108 Names Of Lord Ganesha

27 Indian Baby Boy Names For Lord 108 Names Of Lord Ganesha Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Gadadhara One who has the mace as his weapon 9 Boy
Gajakarna One who has eyes like an Elephant 1 Boy
Gajanana One with an elephant face; Elephant faced Lord 22 Boy
Gajananeti Elephant faced Lord 1 Boy
Gajavakra The trunk of the elephant 9 Boy
Gajavaktra One who has a mouth like an Elephant 11 Boy
Ganadhakshya Lord of all Ganas 1 Boy
Ganadhyakshina  The leader of all the celestial bodies 6
Ganapati Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, who have reached the climax of devotion 6 Boy
Gaurisuta Lord Ganesh, Son of Gauri (Son of Gauri) 9 Boy
Gunina Lord of all virtues, Lord Ganesh 3 Boy
Sarvadevatman The acceptor of all celestial offerings 6 Boy
Sarvasiddhanta Bestower of skills and wisdom 6 Boy
Sarvatman Protector of the universe 1 Boy
Shambhavi Consort of Shambhu, Goddess Parvati 11 Girl
Shashivarnam One who has a Moon-like complexion 7 Boy
Shoorpakarna Large eared Lord 11 Boy
Shuban All auspicious Lord; Name of Lord Ganesh; Brilliant 2 Boy
Shubhagunakanan  One who is the master of all virtues 8
Shweta White; One who is as pure as the white colour 22 Girl
Siddhidhata Bestower of success & accomplishments 6 Boy
Siddhipriya Bestower of wishes and boons 5 Boy
Siddhivinayaka Bestower of success 11 Boy
Skandapurvaja Elder brother of Skand (Lord Kartik) 4 Boy
Sumukha Auspicious face 22 Boy
Sureshwaram Lord of all lords 11 Boy
Swaroop Truth; Lover of beauty 8 Boy
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