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Name Idea-Top 100 Tula Rashi Names - Boys

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Tula Rashi Names For Boy

99 Hindu Boy Names For 'Tula' Rashi Found
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RachitInvention 5Boy
RadheshA name of Lord Krishna 9Boy
RahalMeans attachment; Derived from Rahula the son of Buddha 22Boy
RahasSecret 2Boy
RahiTraveler 9Boy
RahulSon of Buddha; Conqueror of all miseries; Competent; Efficient 6Boy
RajKing 11Boy
RajdeepBest of kings 5Boy
RajitDecorated; An object that gives light, And never stops doing so 22Boy
RajusMorning 6Boy
RakshitGuarded; Secure; Saved 5Boy
RanbirThe winner in war; The brave warrior 8Boy
RaneshLord Shiva, The Lord of battle 11Boy
RanshAparajit, Another name of Ram 6Boy
RanvirHero of the battle; Winner 1Boy
RaseshLord Krishna; Lord of Joy 7Boy
RasheshLord Krishna; Lord of Joy 6Boy
RashmilSilken 8Boy
RaviDelighted; Satisfied; Hope; Expectation; Wish; The Sun; Expert or skilled; Fire 5Boy
RavirajThe Sun 7Boy
RavitThe Sun; Fire 7Boy
RehaanFragrant one; Sweet scented; King; Star 11Boy
RehanshAnsh part of Lord Vishnu (Part of Lord Vishnu) 1Boy
ReneshLord of Love 6Boy
RenilKing of kingdom; Gorgeous 4Boy
ReshavSuggest meaning 1Boy
RevanHorse rider; A star 6Boy
ReyaanFame 1Boy
ReyanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 9Boy
RideshHeart; Lord Ganesh 9Boy
RijishBhagavath Prasad (Divine gift from God) 1Boy
RikinPowerful; Glory 7Boy
RishabhMorality; Superior; Excellent; A musical note; Bull 11Boy
RishantOne who never give up; Cheerful 8Boy
RishavMorality; Superior; Excellent; A musical note; Bull 5Boy
RishitThe best; Learned 11Boy
RishovA second member of Saptak, i.e. Saat Sur 1Boy
RitvikPriest; Timely 8Boy
RivanHorse rider; A star 1Boy
RiyanshFirst ray of sunlight; Lord Vishnu's Ansh (Ansh = part) 4Boy
RobinFame; Bright; Ascending; Another name for Vishnu 4Boy
RohakRising; Ascending 8Boy
RohanA river in paradise; Ascending; Blossom; Another name for Vishnu; Finest Indian steel; Rising 11Boy
RohantAscending 4Boy
RohiA music tune; Soul; A flower; Who touches the heart 5Unisex
RohilArmored battle maiden 8Boy
RohinishThe Moon 1Boy
RohitRed; The Sun; Jewellery; A rainbow; Blood 7Boy
RomikMagnet; Salt 3Boy
RomilFull of Love; Cheerful 4Boy
RubinBright 1Boy
RuchitBright; Shining; Pleasant; Brilliant; Happy 7Boy
RudrakshFierce eyed; Auspicious; Fruit dried and used for making rosaries 1Boy
RudramLucky 3Boy
RudreshFearful Lord 3Boy
RuhanKind hearted; Spiritual 8Boy
RujulSimple; Honest 1Boy
RunalA companionate person; Kind to others 3Boy
RushaalHigher then charming 8Boy
RushabhA musical note; Superior; Morality; Bull; Excellent 5Boy
RushangSon of saint 7Boy
RushankLord Shiva; Charming enlightment 11Boy
RushantMoon 11Boy
RushikSon of a saint; Lord of the Earth 5Boy
RushilCharming; Polite; Aimable 6Boy
RushitProsperity 5Boy
RushmilSuggest meaning 1Boy
RutanshTruth 11Boy
RuteshKind of seasons 1Boy
RutujitConqueror of seasons 11Boy
RutvijGuru 1Boy
RutvikSaint; Name of Lord Shiva 11Boy
TakshaKing Bharat's son; Eyes like a Pigeon; Chopping; To make from wood 6Boy
TaksheelSomeone with a strong character 9Boy
TamishGod of darkness (Moon) 7Boy
TanavFlute; Attractive; Slender 4Boy
TanaySon 7Boy
TaneeshAmbition 9Boy
TanishAmbition 8Boy
TanmayEngrossed 2Boy
TanuBody; Slender; Minute; Delicate; Thin 11Unisex
TanujSon 3Boy
TanulTo expand; To progress 5Boy
TapanThe Sun; Summer; Brilliant; Fiery 7Boy
TapasHeat; Penance; Fervour; Fire; Worth; Austerity; Meditation worth; Bird; The Sun; The Moon; Another name for Agni 3Boy
TapeshThe holy Trinity 6Boy
TarakshStar eyed; Mountain 6Boy
TarangWave 7Boy
TarankSaviors 2Boy
TareshGod of the Stars; Moon 8Boy
TarikMethod; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morningstar 5Boy
TarpanRefreshing; Delightful; Satisfying 7Boy
TarunConnection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle 2Boy
TarushConqueror; Small plant; Victor 6Boy
TatyaFact; Truth; Lord Shiva 4Boy
TavishHeaven; Strong; Brave; Vigorous; Ocean; Gold ocean 7Boy
TejalLustrous; Energetic; Gifted; Brilliant 3Unisex
TejusRadiant energy; Brilliance 3Boy
TikeshSweet; Lovable; Decent 9Boy
Showing 1 - 99 of 99