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Krithika Nakshatra Names For Boy

194 Boy Names For Krithika Nakshatra Found
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AakampanUnshaken; Calm; Determined 22Boy
AaranyanJungle; Forest 3Boy
AaryamanNoble-minded; Aristocratic; Noble; Belonging to the Sun; The Sun; Friend 11Boy
AaryamikNoble 7Boy
AaryaveerBrave Man 6Boy
AaryavirBrave Man 5Boy
AashirvadBlessings 11Boy
AaslunanGem 2Boy
AatmanandBlissful 6Boy
AatmaramOne who is Happy in his self 5Boy
AayushmanBlessed with long life 4Boy
AbbhinavNew; Novel; Innovative 5Boy
AbhichandraFearless 6Boy
AbhidharmHighest Dharma 1Boy
AbhidnyaGoddess 1Boy
AbhijvalaBlazing forth 3Boy
AbhimanyuSelf-respect; Passionate; Heroic; Arjuna's son; Proud 4Boy
AbhinandAcknowledge 8Boy
AbhranilaLord Basudev 3Boy
AbhypsitDesired 1Boy
AbhyudaySunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity 6Boy
AbhyudayaSunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity 7Boy
AbhyudevThe Sun 7Boy
AbhyuditaElevated; Risen; Prosperous 1Boy
AbhyuktLord Krishna 7Boy
AbhyuktaLord Krishna 8Boy
AbimanyuSelf-respect; Passionate; Heroic; Arjuna's son; Proud 5Boy
AbjayoniBorn of the Lotus, Another name of Lord Brahma 5Boy
AcchutanLord Vishnu, The one who is without the six transformations, Beginning with the birth 8Boy
AchalendraThe himalayas 4Boy
AchyuthanIndestructible 11Boy
AdeshwarGod 7Boy
AdhvaitaUnion of matter and soul; Non duality; Unique 3Boy
AdhvedhInner strength 7Boy
AdhyannCurriculum 4Boy
AdhyayanEducation 7Boy
AditeyaThe Sun 11Boy
AdityansuSuggest meaning 6Boy
AdityeshSuggest meaning 1Boy
AdripathiMaster of the mountains 5Boy
AdriyanBlack of Adriatic 9Boy
AdviteeyaUnique; The first one, no second; The Sun or one which has no end 11Boy
AgarvinSuccessful Man 9Boy
AgastyaName of a sage; One who humbles even the mountain 2Boy
AgnibahuSon of first Manu 9Boy
AgnirasOne of the Saptarshi 6Boy
AgniveshBright as the fire 4Boy
AgustyaA name of a Hindu saint 22Boy
AmbareeshKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky 9Boy
AmbarishKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky 8Boy
AmberishKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky 3Boy
AmbikeyaOf Ambika; Mountain; Lord Ganesha 4Boy
AmbunathOcean 8Boy
AmeyaatmaaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu 9Boy
AmeyatmaManifests in infinite varieties; Lord Vishnu 7Boy
AmirdanSuggest meaning 6Boy
AmoghrajGreat; The name of a Hindu God in India 1Boy
AmritayaThe immortal; Lord Vishnu 7Boy
AnaadhrushyaOne of the Kauravas 4Boy
AnamitraLord Surya the Sun) 5Boy
AnanmayaOne who cannot be broken 7Boy
AnanyogIdiosyncratic 5Boy
AnashwarThe one who never gets destroyed 4Boy
AnindithThe blameless one; One with no faults; The perfect human being 7Boy
AnirbanThe eternal flame; Divine; Immortal 5Boy
AniroodhBoundless; Unstoppable; Victorious; Unopposed; An incarnation of Buddha and Vishnu 3Boy
AniruddhName of Lord Vishnu with numerological strength 7Boy
AniruddhaWhich can't be restricted; Courageous 8Boy
AnirudhBoundless; Unstoppable; Victorious; Unopposed; An incarnation of Buddha and Vishnu 3Boy
AnirudhhaVictorious; Cooperative; Unopposed 3Boy
AnirudraLord Shiva 5Boy
AnirvanUndying; Progressive 7Boy
AnirvedPositive; Courageous; Resilient; Independent 1Boy
AnirvinMother; God-like; Active; Cheerful; Another name for Vishnu 6Boy
AnishvarNaastik (Atheist) 11Boy
AniswarGoddess of Earth; Lord of serpents or Vasuki 4Boy
AnivardhAnother name of Lord Vishnu 5Boy
AnjakeySuggest meaning 22Boy
AnjanappaAnjaneya Swamy 11Boy
AnkolitLoved; Respected 1Boy
Anniruddhawithout obstacles; unstoppable 4Boy
AnthudaranOne of the Kauravas 3Boy
AntrixSpace 5Boy
AnugrahDivine blessing 7Boy
AnukampaGrace of God 6Unisex
AnupreetPower 1Unisex
AnupritPower 9Unisex
AnuragyaLove 7Boy
AnustupInvocation 22Boy
AnuttamUnsurpassed 9Boy
AnveshanSearch 3Boy
AparantClear 8Boy
AprameyaA name of Lord Krishna 8Boy
ArakhsanIs associated with Lord Ayyappa 1Boy
AranyakForest 8Boy
AravinthLotus 3Boy
ArivindLotus; Red lotus. 5Boy
ArkajitThe Sun; A Ruby 7Boy
AryaditThe Sun 6Boy
AryaditaAryadita combines the two names Arya meaning noble and Adita the Sun or conqueror, therefore it means the noble conqueror 7Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 194