Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With V

602 Hindu Boy Names Starting With 'V' Found
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VaasavanLord Muruga 9Boy
VabhaviLandlord; Rich person 11Boy
VachanSpeech; Declaration; Vow 22Boy
VachasyaWell spoken of; Praiseworthy; Celebrated; Famous 8Boy
VadinKnown lecturer 5Boy
VadirajKing among disputants 11Boy
VadishLord of the body 9Boy
VadivelLord Murugan; Called so because his spear is called Vadivel 3Boy
VageshLord of speech 8Boy
VagindraLord of speech 4Boy
VagishGod of speech; Lord Brahma 3Boy
VahinLord Shiva; Vahin 9Boy
VaibhavRichness; Power; Eminence 11Boy
VaibhnavTruly; Wisdom; Attractive Speeches 7Boy
VaideshPart of Scared Knowledge 5Boy
VaidhikEnlightening; Knowledge of Vedas; Scriptural 1Boy
VaidhvikBelonging to the world 5Boy
VaidhyatSupporter of law 9Boy
VaidicRelated to Veda 3Boy
VaidikRelated to Veda 11Boy
VaidyutBrilliant 3Boy
VaijayiVictor 5Boy
VaikhanLord Vishnu; One whose consumption has a strange pattern as he devours the whole universe during pralaya 3Boy
VaikunthVaikuntam; The abode of Lord Vishnu 7Boy
VainavinLord Shiva 11Boy
VairajSpiritual glory; Divine glory; Belonging to Brahma 7Boy
VairajaSon of Virat 8Boy
VairatGem 8Boy
VairochanAn ancient name 1Boy
VaisakaA season; Lioness 1Boy
VaishAn ancient Indian city 5Boy
VaishantThe quiet and shining star 4Boy
VaishnavVaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu 6Boy
VaishnovVaishnava denotes Lord Vishnu 11Boy
VaishvikBelonging to the world 11Boy
VaivatControversy 3Boy
VajasaniSon of Lord Vishnu 5Boy
VajasiEqual to Lord Ganesha 8Boy
VajendraLord Indra, Strong Indra 3Boy
VajraFirm; Hard; Powerful; Another name of Goddess Durga; Thunderbolt; Diamond 7Unisex
VajrabahuOne with strong arms 3Boy
VajrajitLord Indra, Conqueror of Inder, Whose weapon is called Vajra 1Boy
VajrakshSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman 9Boy
VajrakshaSturdy like metal; Lord Hanuman 1Boy
VajrangDiamond bodied 1Boy
VajrinLord Indra; Wielding the thunderbolt, said of Indra, Agni, Shiva 11Boy
VakpatiGreat orator 8Boy
VakshalComplete 2Boy
VakulFlower; Clever; Patient; Circumspect; Attentive; Another name for Shiva 4Boy
ValakA crane 11Boy
ValavanSkilful 1Boy
ValdasRule 5Boy
ValinValin means courage in Sanskrit 22Boy
VallabhBeloved; Dear; First; Cowherd; Lover 22Boy
VallakiSingle string instrument; The Veena; Lute 5Boy
VallavCowherd 7Boy
VallikEdge of a thatched roof 22Boy
VallurA cluster of blossoms 5Boy
ValmekiAn ancient saint 1Boy
ValmikThe author of the epic Ramayana 5Boy
ValmikiThe author of the epic Ramayana 5Boy
VamanThe short; Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu 6Boy
VamdevName of Lord Shiva 22Boy
VamshiFlute of Lord Krishna 9Boy
VamsiFlute of Lord Krishna 1Boy
Van RajRuler of the forest, The lion 3Boy
VanaIntelligence 11Boy
VanadCloud 6Boy
VanajitLord of the forest 5Boy
VanchitPrecious; Desired; Loved 5Boy
VandanSalutation; Worship; Praise 2Boy
VandinOne who praise and honours; Bard; A class of poets and scholars who sing songs of praise in the royal courts 1Boy
VanditTo whom salutation is given; Praised; Worshipped 7Boy
VanijLord Shiva; Merchant; The zodiac sign of Libra; Another name for Shiva 2Boy
VaninadhConsort of Goddess Saraswati 1Boy
VanjulThe beauty of the forest; The Ashoka tree 8Boy
VanmaliAn epithet of Lord Krishna 9Boy
VansCane; Bamboo; Backbone; Lineage; Coming generation of father 11Boy
VanshCane; Bamboo; Backbone; Lineage; Coming generation of father 1Boy
VanshilAnother name of Lord Krishna's Bansari flute 4Boy
VanshulFlute 7Boy
VanshyaCloud 9Boy
VarGift; Blessing; Choice; Best; Noble 5Boy
VaradGod of fire, Ganapati 1Boy
VaradaGranter of boons; Goddess Lakshmi; A deity; A river 2Unisex
VaradrajLord Vishnu; Varada - conferring a boon, Raj - king 3Boy
VarahAn epithet of Lord Vishnu 5Boy
VaratamBest 22Boy
VaratarExcellent; Best 9Boy
VarchasFame; Light; Energy; Shape 9Boy
VarchasvPower; right 4Boy
VardaanBlessing; Lord Shiva 7Boy
VardanBlessing; Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Increasing prosperity 6Boy
VardhamLord Mahavir 4Boy
VardhamanLord Mahavir 1Boy
VardhanBlessing; Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Increasing prosperity 5Boy
VardhinGrowing; Auspicious; Generous 4Boy
VardhitIncreased; Developed 1Boy
VarendraOcean 11Boy
VarenyaDeemed highest; Desirable; Excellent; Best; Saffron 5Boy
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Popular Hindu Boy names beginning with V

Selecting a suitable name for a child has always been a special task for every parent. It requires a lot of thought. This popular collection of Modern Hindu Boy names beginning with V will help you to fina a perfect name for your newborn!. This Hindu names list contains cute, modern, unique and beautiful names for Boy child. We trust, you will find a perfect name from this list.