Different Names Of Lord Shiva

32 Indian Baby Boy Names For Lord Shiva Found
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Name Meaning Numerology Gender Fav
Akshayaguna Of limitless attributes; A name of Lord Shiva 1 Boy
Arha Lord Shiva; Worship 1 Boy
Bhalanetra One who has an eye in the forehead 1 Boy
Bhutapala Protector of the ghosts 1 Boy
Chatresh Lord Shiva 1 Boy
Dayalu Compassionate 1 Boy
Devadeva Lord of all lords 1 Boy
Girijapati Lord Shiva, Consort of Girija 1 Boy
Gunagrahin Acceptor of gunas 1 Boy
Hara Remover of sins 1 Boy
Jogesh Lord Shiva, An epithet of Shiva; Lord of Yogis 1 Boy
Kantha Beautiful; Ever-radiant 1 Unisex
Kapalin One who wears a necklace of skulls 1 Boy
Kashinath Lord Shiva, Lord of Kashi which is an old and most sacred pilgrimage place where famous temple of Shiva is situated, Name of Shiva 1 Boy
Lingaraja Lord of the lingas 1 Boy
Madhavan Lord Shiva 1 Boy
Mahadeva Another name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God 1 Boy
Mahesha Supreme Lord 1 Boy
Nilakantha The one with a blue throat 1 Boy
Panchal Lord Shiva; A Prince of Panchal; A warrior tribe and their country in the north of India; Name of a Nagraj; Consisting of five; A style of singing; A name for Shiva 1 Boy
Panshul Fragrant; Another name of Lord Shiva; Anointed in sandalwood 1 Boy
Pranava The sacred syllable Om; Originator of the syllable of Om; The mystic syllable Om 1 Boy
Shankara Giver of joy; Auspicious; A musical Raag 1 Girl
Shivendra Lord Shiva and Lord Indra 1 Boy
Shrikantha An epithet of Lord Vishnu, God of wealth or Lord Vishnu or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful, Lord Shiva, Of glorious neck 1 Boy
Suragana Having Gods as attendants 1 Boy
Ushangu Lord Shiva; One who gets up at dawn; An epithet of Shiva; Wishing; Desiring 1 Boy
Vachaspati Lord of speech 1 Boy
Vajrahast Lord Shiva; One who has a hand that is hard as a lightning 1 Boy
Varesh Lord Shiva; Presiding over boons; Able to grant wishes; A deity; Name of Shiva 1 Boy
Vasuroop Lord Shiva; Of a divine form; Another name for Shiva 1 Boy
Vrisini Lord Shiva 1 Boy