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Revathi Nakshatra Names For Boy

38 Boy Names For Revathi Nakshatra Found
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ChaahLove; Pit; Fondness; Fancy; Wish; Longing; Desired 3Boy
ChakravarthiEmperor 3Boy
ChandSincere wish; The Moon; To shine 3Boy
ChandpashaLovely ; Happiness 3Boy
ChandrakiranMoonbeam 3Boy
ChandranshuRay of Moon 3Boy
ChandrashekarOne who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva 3Boy
ChandratejSuggest meaning 3Boy
CharanjitOne who has won over the Lord (Charanjeet) 3Boy
CharishGrace 3Boy
CharminSport 3Boy
CharuvardhanaOne who enhances the beauty 3Boy
ChaturaananWith four faces 3Boy
ChaturvediThe one who knows 4 Vedas 3Boy
ChidaakaashAbsolute; Brahma 3Boy
ChimanCurious; Inquisitive 3Boy
ChinmaiSupreme consciousness; Name of Lord Ganesh; Blissful 3Boy
ChinnaduraiPrince 3Boy
ChinniCute; Sweet 3Boy
ChinniahLord 3Boy
ChintakThinker 3Boy
ChintuSun; Small; Little, Sweet 3Boy
ChitrankA Moon 3Boy
ChittaprasadHappiness 3Boy
DebashishBenediction of God; Pleased by the God 3Boy
DeshakOne who directs; Guide; One who governs; Ruler; Showing; Pointing out 3Boy
DeshavanthSuggest meaning 3Boy
DevajutaThe one with the good 3Boy
DevajyotiThe brightness of the Lord 3Boy
DevamadanaGladdening to god 3Boy
DevankGodly 3Boy
DevapiAn ancient king 3Boy
DevarahalliSuggest meaning 3Boy
DevavratOath of God; Another name of Bhishma 3Boy
DevnilSuggest meaning 3Boy
DevvrataSpiritual; Name of an ancient king 3Boy
DevyaDivine power 3Unisex
DolanathSuggest meaning 3Boy
Showing 1 - 38 of 38