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553 Boy Names Found For Meaning Having 'King'
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AadhishFull of wisdom; Intelligent; Commanded; Counselled 5Boy
AarivKing of wisdom 6Boy
AaryeshThe king of Arya 5Boy
AbhirajFearless king; Regal; Bright 4Boy
AbteenFather of Faridoon a king 2Boy
AdalarasuKing of dance 6Boy
AdheeshKing; Hindu God; God worshipped by Gods themselves 5Boy
AdhipKing; Ruler 11Boy
AdhipaKing; Ruler 3Boy
AdhirajKing 6Boy
AdhishKing; Hindu God; God worshipped by Gods themselves 4Boy
AditrajKing 9Boy
AgendraKing of mountains 5Boy
AharshiThe Sun; King of the day 1Boy
AharsiThe Sun; King of the day 11Boy
AhsinavKing of the universe 11Boy
AjamilA mythological king 1Boy
AjendraKing of mountains 8Boy
AkhilashKing of all (Lord Shiva) 6Boy
AkshrajThe King of World 5Boy
AlagarasuHandsome king; King of beauty 9Boy
AltamashName of a famous king 3Boy
AmarenderCombination of Amar immortal and Indra king 7Boy
AmarendraThis name has a Sanskrit origin and is a combination of Amar immortal and Lord Indra King of Gods, combined, it means, King of the Immortals 3Boy
AmbareeshKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky 9Boy
AmbarishKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky 8Boy
AmberishKing of the Sky; An Angel from the heavens; The Sky 3Boy
AnavOcean; King; Rich; Generous; Kind; Humane 11Boy
AnbarasanKing of Love 8Boy
AnbarasuKing of Love 5Boy
AnbuchelvanKind; King of Love 4Boy
AnkeshKing of numbers 22Boy
ArivKing of wisdom 5Boy
ArivarasuKing of wisdom 11Boy
ArkinSon of the eternal king; Brilliant; Venerated 8Boy
ArthurArthur was a great king who lived in 6th century 5Boy
AsokanName of a king 7Boy
AtralarasuSkilled king 4Boy
AvadheshKing of Ayodhya king dasaratha 5Boy
AvanindraAngel of God on Earth; King of the Earth 3Boy
AviraajKing of king 8Boy
AvnendraAngel of God on Earth; King of the Earth 7Boy
AwadheshKing of Ayodhya 6Boy
AwdheshKing of Ayodhya, King Dasaratha 5Boy
AyaazRespected and enduring; A sincere slave of Mahmood; The king once upon a time 9Boy
AyazRespected and enduring; A sincere slave of Mahmood; The king once upon a time 8Boy
BabikLaw; A king name 7Boy
BaghinderTiger; King 5Boy
BaidyanathMaster of medicines; The king of medicine; Lord of physicians 4Boy
BalarajStrong; King 9Boy
BalrajStrong; King 8Boy
BanshikKing of the forest, Lion 1Boy
BashaKing 4Boy
BasilKing; Basil the herb 7Boy
BharteshKing of Bharat 9Boy
BhavnishKing 11Boy
BhojName of a poet king; Meal; Generous; An open-minded king 8Boy
BhoomishKing of the Earth 8Boy
BhoopalKing 6Boy
BhoopatiLord of the Earth; King; Lord of Gods 5Boy
BhoopendraKing of the earth 8Boy
BhupalKing 6Boy
BhupanKing 8Boy
BhupatiLord of the Earth; King; Lord of Gods 5Boy
BhupenKing 3Boy
BhupendraKing of the earth 8Boy
BhupeshKing; King of Earth 7Boy
BhupinderThe king of kings 7Boy
BhuveshThe king of earth 4Boy
BhuvneshKing of earth 9Boy
BhuwnendraBhuwnendra means king of the Earth, One who rules the Earth. People with this name are found to be very ruling, Dominating, Merciful and graceful, they are confident and look through the future 11Boy
BimbisarKing of the Gupta dynasty 1Boy
BirbhoopBrave king 4Boy
BirendraKing of warriors 8Boy
BirinderKing of warriors 7Boy
BrajrajLord Krishna, King of Vrindavan 6Boy
ChakravarteeA sovereign king 5Boy
ChandavarmanAn old king 1Boy
ChandradevMoon God; A king 8Boy
ChandradityaName of a king 9Boy
ChandraguptName of an ancient king 5Boy
CharanrajKing of the feet 11Boy
ChediWhich cut and break; Leader; Charming; Wise; King and founder of the Chedi dynasty 11Boy
ChitrasenA king of gandharvas 7Boy
DalipKing 6Boy
DalrajArmy of the king 1Boy
DayanandOne who likes being merciful; A king 1Boy
DayanandaOne who likes being merciful; A king 11Boy
DeelipKing of the solar race; Defender; Protector; Big-hearted; A generous king 6Boy
DevGod; King; Light; Heavenly; Cloud 4Boy
DevaGod; King; Light; Heavenly; Cloud 5Boy
DevaduttKing; Gift of God 7Boy
DevapiAn ancient king 3Boy
DevappaFather of king 11Boy
DevarajKing among Gods; Name of Lord Indra 7Boy
DevarajaluKing of Gods; Buddha 5Boy
DevarajuKing of God 1Boy
DevduttaKing; Gift of God 7Boy
DevenKing of Gods, Another name for Lord Indra 5Boy
DevendarKing of lords 1Boy
Showing 1 - 100 of 553